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06.Vegemite's saga with iSnack2.0

When Kraft announced the name of its new Vegemite product as iSnack2.0, within 24 hours the internet was flooded with indignant consumers. The name had been selected by Kraft from 48,000 suggestions from the public.

Despite a name apparently intended to appeal to an online audience, it was online where angry consumers slammed the moniker. Over 700,000 comments were posted on Twitter and various ‘hate’ sites popped up on Facebook, while bloggers and internet forums buzzed with indignant vegemite lovers.

Within days Kraft announced it had listened to the concerns of the public and as a result a new name would be chosen via public poll to replace the ill fated iSnack 2.0.

While some marketing experts have accused Kraft of deliberately choosing a name people would hate in order to generate publicity, Kraft has denied this. Either way, it demonstrates the massive influence social media wields.

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