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ISP satisfaction survey 2013

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How do you reckon your internet provider will shape up? Curious? We asked our members to rate theirs and tell us how they’re connecting to the net - so now we can give you real-life opinions of nearly 4000 members alongside our expert analysis.

Our survey of CHOICE members sums up how ISPs compare and can help you decide whether it’s worth switching to get a better deal. This year, 3867 people rated their overall satisfaction, connection speed, cost, reliability, support and billing, as well as any service problems.

Customers are also looking for helpful, timely assistance without a lot of automated prompts. The bottom line is that good, personal service is always well-regarded.

We’ve also added some data from the industry umpire, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, about reported issues, and compared the problems for the top 10 providers.

State of the industry

  • 46% of respondents rated their satisfaction with their provider as excellent or very good. Only 4% rated their satisfaction as terrible or very poor.
  • Half rated billing by their ISP as excellent or very good, while 3% thought it was terrible or very poor.
  • Just under half rated their ISP’s user support as excellent or very good, while close to one in 20 rated it as terrible or very poor.
  • More than half of people rated the provision of a reliable, consistent connection as excellent or very good, while 3% rated it terrible or very poor.
  • Just under one in three people rated the cost of their plan as excellent or very good, while 6% said it’s terrible or very poor.
  • 41% rate their connection speed as excellent or very good, while 5% said it’s terrible or very poor.

Getting online

This is what 3867 respondents told us about their internet connection.


Who are you with?


How did you choose?


The NBN is... when?

Australians want faster, more reliable internet. The ongoing support for the National Broadband Network (NBN) shows people know there is a lot at stake when it comes to the network. The new Coalition government is continuing with fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) connections in 2014, and it hasn't announced the results of the network reviews and how it intends to shift to a fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) network. But until it gets here, it’s just as important to get the most from your current ISP.

Our survey shows that initial impressions of the NBN are promising, with average satisfaction scores for our small number of NBN users trending close to or above the average for the top-rated connections.


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