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04.Your legal obligations

You’re still accountable for comments you post online, especially in the public domain. To avoid getting into legal trouble always:

  • Be truthful and prepared to back your opinions up with facts where possible.
  • Refrain from personal attacks.
  • Refer to companies generally rather than specific identities or staff if you’re posting a negative comment review. Even a general description of an individual can be defamatory.
  • Generally, companies with more than 10 employees cannot sue for defamation. However, they may be able to pursue damages for other costs, and individuals at a company, such as a CEO, can sue for defamation.
  • Use specific examples of your problems or issues when complaining. These are easier to prove than general statements that may be difficult or impossible to ascertain. “I had trouble accessing the customer service hotline” is better than “customer service were incompetent”.

There may be specific concerns that apply to your individual situation, so if you’re ever in doubt, seek independent legal advice.


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