What antivirus provides the best computer protection?

Antivirus software review

We test and rank the top antivirus programs to see which provide the best PC protection.

27 Mar 2014 | We compare the most popular antivirus software for PC and mobile computers to see how well they protect your PC from malware.

Online dating

Online dating sites review

Our investigation shows paid and free online dating sites including RSVP, eHarmony and Oasis Active may use members' private information and photos in advertising.

27 Feb 2014 | Are paid online dating sites eHarmony and RSVP and free online dating sites Oasis Active and OkCupid worth the money and time?

Cloud storage services review

Online storage reviews

Get your head in the cloud with our review of 12 popular data storage and synchronisation services.

27 Feb 2014 | Cloud services store your files offsite so you can access them anywhere. Don't weather the storm with a poor service - we can help you find one with a silver lining.


Delete your digital footprint

How to exit from the internet, including social media.

5 Feb 2014 | It's possible to remove yourself from social media and some websites, but you'll never be able to erase every trace of your digital footprint.


Ebook pricing

Is there a problem with ebook pricing?

6 Dec 2013 | Apple's recent loss at a US trial into ebook price fixing raises questions about the market.


ISP satisfaction survey 2013

Your internet provider scorecard revealed

6 Dec 2013 | How does your ISP stack up against the others? Almost 4000 CHOICE members rated their provider to give us a snapshot of the state of Australia's internet today.

Black and white smartcams

Internet smartcams review

We test 20 internet-enabled cameras that can keep an eye on home from anywhere.

4 Dec 2013 | We reveal our latest test results for smartcams, including new models from EDIMAX, D-Link, Swann and Uniden.


Copyright law reform

Is a fair-use system the way to go?

19 Nov 2013 | With copyright law under review, a fair-use system could allow people to enjoy their legally purchased digital music and movies without needing to break the law.


Web TV series

Find the newest and most daring web-only TV shows

30 Aug 2013 | TV on the internet is gaining a new audience as viewers find new and unique shows for all types of interests.

Music streaming services, sites and apps

Music streaming services

CHOICE road tests some online music streaming apps, sites and services.

27 Aug 2013 | CHOICE road tests some online music streaming apps, sites and services.

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