bitTorent-legal-uses lead

BitTorrent 101

How to find legal content using this peer-to-peer file sharing system.

11 Feb 2015 | BitTorrent is a file sharing system used to distribute files from person to person on the internet. It has a bad name because it's used to share pirated movies and TV shows, but there's plenty of legal content to find using BitTorrent.

VPN Services lead

VPNs to protect your privacy online

We test 12 VPN (virtual private network) services including HideMyAss, PureVPN, VyprVPN and more.

29 Jan 2015 | One of the best ways to protect your privacy online is to use a virtual private network (VPN). We tested 12 of the most popular VPN services to see how they compare for ease of use, performance and features.

man using laptop with wallet being removed from pocket

11 scams and how to avoid them

Think it couldn't happen to you? Ordinary Australians lost $89m to scammers in 2013.

10 Nov 2014 | Online dating scams, bogus tech support phone calls and internet schemes that take advantage of people's goodwill continue to find new victims.


Fritz!Box 7490 modem-router review

This sleek gadget offers much more than your average ADSL modem-router. It's NBN-ready and has a built-in phone system for a home or small business.

10 Sep 2014 | This do-everything ADSL modem-router with built-in phone system has all the bells and whistles for a home user or small business.

spider web and computer

Dark patterns: website tricks and scams

CHOICE exposes the tricks that deceive and mislead consumers.

26 Jun 2014 | The user interfaces on some websites are deliberately designed to mislead consumers. CHOICE exposes some of the tricks.

People assemble a jigsaw puzzle cloud in the sky.

Cloud backup services review

Online backup can offer crisis-proof peace of mind, but there are pitfalls. We show you how to select the right service for your needs.

19 Jun 2014 | We test and compare 11 cloud-based backup services.

Hacker at work

Cyber criminals attack top companies every day: security expert

'Friendly hacker' tells how we're all vulnerable to criminal net attacks.

22 May 2014 | Professional hacker Jonathan Brossard outlines the latest targets for cyber criminals, upcoming threats and how you can reduce your risk of attack.


Bitcoin and virtual currency

What is Bitcoin, and will you be paying for your coffee in bitcoins anytime soon?

14 May 2014 | The Bitcoin cyber payment system sends digital payments from person-to-person without a central bank overseeing it. Can an unregulated, computer currency really play it safe?

Easter surprises in your software

Software Easter eggs

How to unlock the unseen extras in computer programs and games.

17 Apr 2014 | Think you know all the tricks your software has to offer? Think again. We go hunting for hidden features called Easter eggs, and show you how to see what you were never meant to find.

What antivirus provides the best computer protection?

Antivirus software review

We test and rank the top antivirus programs to see which provide the best PC protection.

27 Mar 2014 | We compare the most popular antivirus software for PC and mobile computers to see how well they protect your PC from malware.

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