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We head to Las Vegas to check out some of the innovative products shaping consumer technology.
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01 .CES - Day 2

For the first time we have someone on the ground at CES. This is the world’s biggest consumer electronics show and often shows the direction in which many product lines are heading. 

Journalists from all over the world attend and many are sponsored by the major manufacturers, but all are trying to race to get the news out as fast as they can.

We normally don’t do this because of the expense, but our computer tester Ryan Shaw happened to be in the area on holiday and agreed to spend some time checking out the new technology for us.

Have a look at some of the standout gadgets and technologies from Day 1 of the CES.

Video: CES Day 2

We check out day 2 of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 

Take a look at our photo gallery to see what took Ryan's eye on the second day. Click the information icon for captions.


Canon cross section

To show the inner workings of their camera lenses, Canon featured a great display of some of their lens models stripped back to their original housing.  

Garmin fitness

In addition to some new car GPS models, Garmin focused on their Fitness range of GPS devices with specific models designed for running and cycling.  

Huawei Ascend

The Huawei Ascend P1 S is just 6.68mm thin and features a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED 960 x 540 touchscreen, protected by Gorilla Glass. Specs-wise, the Ascend P1 S features a dual-core 1.5GHz TI OMAP 4460 Cortext-A9 processor and Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” operating system.   

LifePhorm mounts

Looking more like a robotic spider or an extra large nano-bot, this mounting system for devices is able to hold/cradle/display items such as cameras, smartphones and tablets in a unique fashion.  

MakerBot Replicator

MakerBot Industries released the latest version of their printer at CES 2012. The MakerBot Replicator is the ultimate personal 3D printer; anything that can be imagined in your mind can become a reality with this printer. 

Multitouch displays

Multi-touch displays have come a long way since Microsoft Surface and this display (combined with the Mosaiqq software) pictured here can detect 40 simultaneous touches.  

Nvidia Audi

Known for their graphics processing units, Nvidia have partnered up with with car manufacturers, such as Audi, to create digital instrument displays and interactive cockpit controls.


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Product of the day

Samsung 55in Super OLED TV

We were absolutely blown away by this latest HDTV from Samsung. Immediately noticeable was the super vibrant display; colours jumped off the screen and it made all other TVs we’ve tested look pale in comparison. 

Secondly, the TV was very, very thin - each TV is created from a single pane of glass and while looking at the TV side-on, it become lost in the background. The screen bezel was also really thin and was barely noticeable when looking at the TV directly. Samsung’s Super OLED TV will be launched in the later half of 2012.

Take a look at some of the other Things to watch in 2012 from Day 1.

Video: CES Conference 2012

We head to Las Vegas to check out some of the innovative products shaping consumer technology.

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