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Multifunction printer reviews

They save on space, but ongoing ink costs mean an all-in-one can be a costly choice.
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06.Compare discontinued printers

These models may still be available in retail outlets or in the second-hand market.


Comparison table list

By default ALL DISCONTINUED tested products are listed. You can select up to five items to view in a side by side comparison.
Additional columns can be viewed by using the Next/Previous buttons.

Using the filters

Use the filters to show only products that meet your specific requirements or which have the specific features you're interested in. Selecting filters automatically updates the Comparison table list.
The number shown in brackets represents the number of products that will be shown if you select that filter.
You can view additional filters by selecting the Show more filters button.  


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Compare products

Table Allowing the user to select a number of products dependant on their filter options.
Items to compare

Select up to 5 items below.
Then click the compare button

Price ($)Running cost / year ($)Photo cost per page ($)Text ink cost per page ($)Cost per pack photo paper ($)Black ink usedCost per black ink cartridge ($)Colour inks usedCost per full complement of colour ($)Standby energy costs ($)Standby Watthours for 1 hour (Wh/h; W)In use watthours for 1 hour (Wh/h; W)Energy use when idle (Wh/h; W)Overall scorePrinting (50%)Ease of use (30%)Scanning (10%)Copying (10%)Print speed 50% (Mono)Print speed 20% (Colour)Print speed 20% (PDF)Print Quality setting (mono, colour and PDF)Print speed 10% (Photo)Print Quality setting (Photo)Print quality (Mono)Print quality (Colour)Print quality (Photo)Scan speed score (Mono text)Scan speed settings (Mono text)Scan speed score (Colour magazine)Scan speed settings (Colour magazine)Scan speed score (Colour photo)Scan speed settings (Colour photo)Maximum scan setting possibleScan quality score (Monochrome)Scan quality score (Colour magazine)Scan quality score (Colour photo)Copy speed score (Magazine mono)Copy speed settings (Magazine mono)Copy speed score (Magazine colour)Copy speed settings (Magazine colour)Copy speed score (Colour photo)Copy speed settings (Colour photo)Copy quality score (Magazine mono)Copy quality score (Magazine colour)Copy quality score (Colour photo)Functions availableClaimed PPM, Colour text and graphicPrint quality mode for claim at left, eg: DraftMeasured PPM, Colour text and graphicClaimed PPM, monochrome textPrint quality mode for claim at left, eg: Draft1Measured PPM, Monochrome textHighest claimed optical scanning resolution colorColor depth (bits)Claimed scan speed (sec, color)Claimed scan speed (sec, mono)Claimed copy speed ppm colorClaimed copy speed ppm monoFax without PCFax through PCPaper traysPaper capacityDuplexFaxPrints from cardTypes of memory cardPrint heads on cartridgeSeparate colour cartridgesLCD type (Colour, Tilt, Touch, Mono)LCD size (W x H, cm)ConnectionsWin7 compatibleWeight (kg)Dimensions (H x W x D, cm)GuaranteesGood pointsBad pointsBrand
PIXMA MP56022913416658737572Canon
PIXMA MP2707915406457707573Canon
ESP 71997686554787669Kodak
ESP 31497556355707667Kodak
ESP 5797346353747663Kodak
Photosmart Premium C309a39911067165797373HP
PIXMA MX32012915206354717368Canon
Photosmart Plus B2092199317169786666HP
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