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  • Updated:3 Jan 2006

02.Update your DVD burner

The most common reason to upgrade a DVD burner’s firmware is to add support for additional CD or DVD media.

All manufacturers use slightly different procedures and you may find you need to log in as an administrator before updating, uninstall packet writing software (such as DirectCD or InCD), disable certain drive properties or even reconnect the drive to your computer in a certain configuration before you can upgrade firmware.

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions — we’ve listed some common steps that should serve as guidelines.
  • Download firmware to match the exact model of your drive from the manufacturer’s website. Keep in mind that model numbers may have only slight variations but a 1693S is different to a 1693SX.
  • Unless the manufacturer confirms that you can use the firmware update for your exact model, don’t use it. There may not be a firmware upgrade for your model.
    Make sure, too, that the firmware’s suitable for your operating system and system specifications, where the manufacturer offers different versions of firmware for a single hardware model.
  • Once you’ve confirmed that there’s an available firmware upgrade for your model and system specifications, download it. Before you begin installation, ensure that the drive is empty — remove CDs or DVDs and close all other programs so that nothing interrupts the update process, then disconnect the internet.

If you use broadband:

  • Start
  • Control Panel
  • Network and Internet Connections
  • Network Connections
  • Select your internet connection
  • right-click
  • Disable (remember to enable it again once the upgrade is complete).
  • Switch off your screen saver and antivirus program

Once you’re prepared, run the update — this may mean unzipping a file, then running an application, or it may just involve double-clicking a file. Most firmware updaters (but not all) show you a list of drives found, including the current firmware installed, and an option to start the update or exit.

Don’t touch the drive and leave the computer alone while the firmware update is occurring and don’t use your keyboard or mouse. You can’t cancel the update once it has begun. Wait until you see a message saying that the firmware has updated successfully, then restart your computer. Always check that the drive works as expected.


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