Ergonomic computer devices review and compare

Are ergonomic devices better for you? We put 10 on trial.
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The following models scored the best results in our test.

Brand Price
Logitech Wave Keyboard $130
Adesso Tru-Form Ergonomic Keyboard $77
Mouse alternatives
Adesso Smart Cat Pro touchpad (4 button) $150
Evoluent Vertical Mouse 3 $117

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Full results for all models are shown in the table below.

Price paid Overall Installation Ease of use Comfort Satisfaction Device type Software included Box contents Warranty (yrs)
Logitech Wave Keyboard (Y-UV90)
130 92 98 92 92 90 Keyboard SetPoint (Windows), Logitech Control Center (Mac) Keyboard, manual, CD-ROM 5
Adesso Tru-Form Ergonomic Keyboard (PCK-208B)
77 80 96 80 74 80 Keyboard None Keyboard, manual, USB to PS2 adapter 1
Kinesis Freestyle Incline Solo (KB700PBUS)
315 70 74 70 66 71 Keyboard None Keyboard, quick start guide 2
Microsoft Natural Ergonomic keyboard 4000
53 68 92 64 56 71 Keyboard IntelliType Pro 6.2 (Windows and Mac) Keyboard, quick start guide, product guide, CD-ROM 3
Goldtouch Ergonomic Posture Keyboard
200 66 88 58 68 65 Keyboard None Keyboard, quick start guide, USB to PS2 adapter ns
Adesso Smart Cat Pro touchpad (GP-410UB)
150 68 92 80 56 63 Touchpad Glidepoint (Windows) Touchpad, manual, CD-ROM 1
Evoluent Vertical Mouse 3 (VM3R2-RSB)
117 67 89 71 62 62 Mouse Evoluent Mouse Manager (Windows) Mouse, quick start guide, mini CD-ROM ns
Kensington Expert Mouse trackball K64325
106 66 84 74 54 63 Trackball MouseWorks (Windows and Mac) Trackball, wrist rest, USB to PS2 adapter, manual, CD-ROM 5
3M Ergonomic Mouse
106 65 94 66 56 63 Joystick mouse None Mouse, manual, USB to PS2 adapter 2
Nomus Mouse
341 60 82 60 56 57 Roller mouse None [A] Mouse, USB cable, rubberised feet attachments, USB to PS2 adapter ns

Table notes

1 Price paid in June 2009, Australian dollars.

2 Assessment: Overall score includes a user assessment of:

  • Installation (10%) how easy or difficult it was to install and set up the device including the installation and configuration of any included software
  • Ease of use (25%) how easy the device was to learn to use
  • COmfort (25%) how comfortable the device felt to use at the end of the trial period
  • Satisfaction (40%) how much the user enjoyed using the device, assessed at the end of the trial period

3 Specifications: Device Type keyboard, mouse, trackball or touchpad; Software included the software that comes included with the device if any; Box contents all items supplied as standard with the device including manuals, adapters, software, additional hardware and accessories; Warranty standard manufacturer’s warranty for the device as supplied.


[A] Software can be downloaded from website. Downloaded software is in Swedish.

ns = not stated.

How we tested

We bought two samples each of 10 ergonomic devices — five keyboards and five mouse alternatives — and gave them to a randomised selection of 20 full-time office workers (eight male and 12 female) to try out for a full working week each.

Over five weeks, each person trialled five devices and filled in a detailed survey for each device, ranking it in response to specific questions covering installation and configuration, ease of use, comfort and overall satisfaction.

The keyboard range included both fixed format (one piece) and split models. The pointing devices included mouse-based units, a trackball and a touchpad.

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