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Technology reliability survey

Just how reliable are your tech devices?
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01 .Introduction


Are you looking for the latest CHOICE Tech Reliability Survey? Read 2014 results here.

The CHOICE 2012 Technology Reliability Survey allows members to tell us how products are performing in the real world, supplementing our in-depth  lab testing. 

In our 2012 report we've included tablets, as they have become popular devices since our last survey in 2010 and we're keen to see how they’re faring in terms of reliability. 

And, as always, we've also looked  at the usual suspects:

For more information about computers and accessories, please see our Computers and online section.


  • Desktop computers and laptops generally have about the same degree of reliability.
  • Almost all Apple Mac desktop owners, 100% of Mac laptop owners and almost all Apple monitor owners said they'd buy the brand again.
  • Apple and iOS claims 82%  of our tablet users and more  than half were bought  in 2011

This year, we also report on whether or not there was a problem with the product over the past 12 months from May 2012, rather than only whether it was repaired. We made this change from the previous survey so we could gauge any faults or problems rather than just find out if something had been fixed.

The feedback from more than 2000 respondents is mostly positive, although from what you’ve told us there are some brands that perform better than others and several that  are less than reliable.

About our survey

All up, 2375 CHOICE members completed the technology product reliability survey - thanks to all those who responded.

The products in the survey were at least 12 months old and bought after 2008.


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