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Making anxious first-time parents feel guilty is big business.
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03.Parental priorities

When it comes to parenting, Dr James Best says parents need to know where to put their priorities.


What’s worth worrying about “Cars seats, bike helmets, protection from serious disease and illness. An awareness of the dangers such as falling from heights, drowning and burns.”

What’s not “Worrying excessively about household germs or child abduction and the products that promise to protect them from these things. This is where a parent’s anxiety can be totally misplaced.”


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What’s worth worrying about Getting down on the floor and playing with your child, active listening, role playing. “They need your attention and time. This is how they learn, and the best person they can learn from is you.” Reading and talking is how children learn social skills, speech skills and how to interact.

What’s not Any kind of program, course or product that promises to do that. “Babies and children don’t need to do a course or use some product – they just need you.”

For more on what’s a must-have, a nice-to-have and what’s best avoided, take a look at our Babies and Kids section or download our free guide for expectant parents.

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