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01.Apps for parents

The path to parenthood is exciting one, but there's just so much to learn, and it can be overwhelming - from conception and pregnancy, to birth and beyond.

These days, for just about every stage of having a baby, there's also an app. While they might not provide all the answers, we've listed some fun, informative, and free tools we found that might be worth checking out.

For conception

For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

This free app allows you to track your monthly cycle and plot the best time to conceive using an ovulation calculator and period tracker.

Period Tracker 
For iPhone and Android

After you enter start and end dates for your period, this handy app then logs and calculates the average period start date over the course of three months to predict the start date for future periods, ovulation days, and fertile days -- all of which appear on a month-by-month calendar.

So, you’re having a baby!

Sprout Lite
For iPhone and iPad

Using Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG) guidelines, the free version of this app guides you through all the way through pregnancy with detailed graphics depicting foetal development, as well as a facility to book your doctor's appointments and a to-do list.

The premium version features a ‘kick counter’, ‘contraction timer’ and 3D images of your baby’s development.

ONLINE_ParentAppsGoodHabitsTips_App BabyBump
For iPad, iPhone and Android

BabyBump allows you to start the countdown to your due date and track your baby’s development week by week.

The premium version of the app allows you to search baby names and monitor kicks, and has a contraction timer.

Hello, baby

Eat Sleep: Simple Baby Tracking 
For iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Eat Sleep is the simplest way to track your baby’s eating, sleeping, and nappy changes. With continued use you can track your baby’s habits from week to week, or even month to month.

Feed Baby Lite
For Android
Tracks and monitors all aspects of baby's growth and development, as well as feeds and nappy changes.

Baby Tracker
For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

This app helps sleep-deprived parents keep track of breast or bottle feeds, nappy changes and sleep times.

Staying safe


ACCC Keeping Baby Safe
For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

The Keeping Baby Safe app features over 30 different infant and nursery products, with information on:

  • hazards related to the product
  • what to look for when purchasing, and
  • safety habits.
The app also includes information on warnings and dangers related to specific products, which may be of interest to parents and carers.


SIDS and Kids Sleep Safe
For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

SIDS and Kids Safe Sleeping application provides new and expectant mothers, carers, and health care professionals with vital information on how to sleep baby safely and reduce the risk of SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents. 

It also includes valuable information on Tummy Time and Safe Wrapping and links to FAQs.

Out and about

National Public Toilet App
For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Don’t get caught short if your baby needs changing when you're out and about! This free app shows the location of over 14,000 public and private toilet facilities all over Australia, with details about opening hours, accessibility, and baby change facilities.



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