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When it comes to buying a bike for your child, safety should be your biggest concern. Buying a bike of the correct size is critical. Don't be tempted to buy one that's too big with the idea that your child will grow into it - it may be hard for them to control and could lead to a crash. A bike is the correct size when a child can place the balls of both feet on the ground and reach the handlebars comfortably while sitting on the seat.

Children’s bike sizes are based on their wheel diameter, usually stated in imperial and/or metric measurement on the wheel itself. On test are six 40cm (16in) and six 50cm (20in) bikes. Nine models from our previous test are still available and are included in the results table. Sizes are generally appropriate for certain age groups (see Children’s Bikes), but will also depend on your child and their needs. CHOICE found that price doesn't guarantee better quality and that some of the more expensive models failed major safety requirements. 

Flat-pack madness

In our last test, we had to assemble four of the bikes, most of which were cheaper ones from department stores that come in a flat pack containing a partly assembled bike. From experience, if you’re planning to buy one of these, we suggests you put aside longer than just the recommended time for its assembly (25 minutes for one model) – a couple of extra hours should compensate for incomplete or confusing instructions. 

In this round of testing, we sent all the bikes (assembled or not) to a bike shop to be assembled and/or checked over. This gave all the bikes the best possible chance at passing the standard. We recommend getting your bike assembled and checked at a bike shop; it costs about $50 but is a smart investment. 

Brands and models

  • # Avanti MXR
  • # Dunlop Jumbo 7291760
  • Dunlop Flutter 16" ME0034 (A)
  • Felt 10-Base 18.5 20"
  • Felt 10-Heretic 16"
  • # Huffy ZRX-16 7225161
  • Huffy Girls 40cm Flower Girl
  • Huffy Boys 50cm Reactive 20"
  • Kink Launch 20" K420
  • Magna Stranded 20"
  • Magna Summer Blase 16"
  • # Malvern Star Blast MI092
  • Malvern Star Radmax 20" (A)
  • Malvern Star Kaos 16" MI0272 (A)
  • # Raleigh Bella Push
  • # Raleigh Gravity 16
  • # Raleigh Gravity 20
  • # Trek Jet 12
  • # Trek Jet 20
  • Trek Mystic 16"
  • Trek Mystic 20"  

(A) Discontinued, but may still be available in some stores.
# Previously tested models.  

Sizes and Ages
Size Ages
30cm or 12” 3 - 5  years
40cm or 16” 6 - 8  years
50cm or 20” 9 - 11  years


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