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Is more expensive better when it comes to baby products?
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  • Updated:15 Oct 2013

01.Price vs performance


One of the most useful facts to have emerged from the CHOICE testing labs over the past half-century or so is that the most expensive product isn’t always the best one. That’s important information for parents, and it’s a story we continue to tell.

Our strict testing standards put safety, durability and performance under the microscope, and the results often fly in the face of the marketing claims. In short, we test hundreds of baby products every year, and it’s not always the costliest that earns our CHOICE Recommended stamp of approval.

We recommend a good deal

To prove the point, we loaded up two imaginary rooms with the most popular baby products.  The first contains the most expensive CHOICE Recommended products drawn from our most recent range of tests. The second contains the least expensive CHOICE Recommended products from our recent tests.Baby-Room-Info-Graphic

The results speak for themselves. Sure, paying $4900 instead of $1227 means you’ll probably get more bells and whistles, such as video and audio instead of audio-only on a baby monitor. And if the extra features meet a particular safety or performance need, the extra expense is warranted. But paying four times as much rarely means you’ll end up with safer or better baby products.

Remember, if a product has earned a CHOICE Recommended label, you can be sure it’s safe, durable and performs as advertised, regardless of the price. 



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