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Fruit juice popper reviews

Is there a place for fruit poppers in your child’s lunchbox?
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02.What to buy

As any dietitian will tell you, water is the best everyday drink for children. The occasional 100% fruit juice is fine, however, and can add variety to their lunchbox. Just keep it to a 125mL serve if you’re filling the drink bottle yourself, and dilute with water to provide better hydration.

But if the convenience of a popper is what you’re after, the products listed here:

  • Contain no added sugar
  • Deliver 340kJ or less per pack – roughly the equivalent of a medium apple or orange (although the larger serve size of some isn’t ideal).

Prices are per 100mL.

*Toddler Pops are just 35% juice, but otherwise meet our criteria – just bear in mind you’re paying the price for juice diluted with water.


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8 CHOICE buys

Just Juice Orange

$0.35 per 100mL


Just Juice Orange Mango

$0.35 per 100mL


Popper Juice Apple Juice

$0.43 per 100mL


Popper Juice Apple Mango Juice

$0.43 per 100mL


Popper Juice Tropical Juice

$0.43 per 100mL


Toddler Pops Apple Blackcurrant*

$0.42 per 100mL


Toddler Pops Apple Pear*

$0.42 per 100mL


V8 Original

$0.48 per 100mL

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