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CategoryEnergy (kJ per 100g)Fibre (per 100g)Total fat (per 100g)Saturated fat (per 100g)Sugars (per 100g)Sodium (mg/100g)Brand
Bread, Hi-Fibre Lo-GI LoafBreads and spreads928n/a1.40.31.1561Bakers Delight
HoneyBreads and spreads1416n/a0082.515Capilano
Snap'n Squeeze Honey & Omega 3 DHABreads and spreads1410n/a1.10.474.914.5Capilano
NutellaBreads and spreads2175n/a30.31054.433Ferrero
CrumpetsBreads and spreads6951.80.90.11600Golden
Raspberry ConserveBreads and spreads1116n/a0.20.16414IXL
Nuts Peanut Butter - SmoothBreads and spreads2671n/a52.111.48.1636Kraft
VegemiteBreads and spreads798n/a112.23450Kraft
Peanut Butter - SmoothBreads and spreads2580n/a58610600Sanitarium
Chocolate SpreadBreads and spreads2100n/a36.55.620.912.8Sweet William
Soft WhiteBreads and spreads10202.720.62.4400Tip Top Sunblest
Soft Wholemeal - ThickBreads and spreads10306.53.50.53400Tip Top Sunblest
White Lower GIBreads and spreads1040430.84400Tip Top Up
White Omega 3 DHA - SandwichBreads and spreads11205.52.60.53400Tip Top Up
Calcium Sandwich LoafBreads and spreads1020n/a2.512.4420Wonder White
Omega 3 Sandwich LoafBreads and spreads1000n/a2.60.52420Wonder White
Vitamins & Minerals - SandwichBreads and spreads100462.50.43.8500Wonder White
Coco Pops Coco RocksBreakfast cereals16101.'s
Corn FlakesBreakfast cereals1590n/a0.70.232630Kellogg's
Corn Flakes WholegrainBreakfast cereals15588.10.60.328.5340Kellogg's
Crunchy Nut Corn FlakesBreakfast cereals15803.'s
Nutri-GrainBreakfast cereals1570n/a0.60.132560Kellogg's
Nutri-Grain Bar - OriginalBreakfast cereals16602.53.30.531.7470Kellogg's
Rice BubblesBreakfast cereals16002.70.60.132600Kellogg's
Sultana BranBreakfast cereals17501.89.37.836.6255Kellogg's
LCMs Rice BubblesBreakfast cereals16001.10.40.19690Kellogg's
Nutri-Grain BarsBreakfast cereals141014.91.70.422.7270Kellogg's
Kids GrizzliesBreakfast cereals1650n/a4.81.422.8109Lowan
Kids Honey O'sBreakfast cereals16506.22.20.921.983Lowan
Milo Breakfast CerealBreakfast cereals16207.84.41.427.5120Nestle
NesquikBreakfast cereals16105.241.631.5240Nestle
Curios Breakfast Snack - Pancake flavourBreakfast cereals1510n/a4.50.520.3255Sanitarium
Curios Breakfast Snack - Wild BerryBreakfast cereals1510n/a4.40.520.2255Sanitarium
Weet-BixBreakfast cereals1490111.40.33.3290Sanitarium
Weet-Bix Crunchy Honey BitesBreakfast cereals15809.41.20.421.6380Sanitarium
Weet-Bix KidsBreakfast cereals1480111.40.32.9110Sanitarium
Weet-Bix Wild Berry BitesBreakfast cereals13909.
CheeriosBreakfast cereals1590103.60.617.8390Uncle Tobys
Fruit TwistsBreakfast cereals158010.13.6117.8390Uncle Tobys
Oats Quick Sachets - OriginalBreakfast cereals16107.36.51.22530Uncle Tobys
Vita BritsBreakfast cereals151011. Tobys
Chocolate Flavoured MilkMilk drinksn/an/a2.81.810.246Big M
Calci Yum Milk - ChocolateMilk drinks263n/a1.40.98.264Brownes
Kids Selection MilkMilk drinksn/an/a1.81.26.167Dairy Farmers
MiloMilk drinks385n/a2.41.710.165Nestle
Nesquik - strawberryMilk drinks312.5n/a1.4111.455Nestle
Kids milkMilk drinksn/an/a3.42.24.944Pura
Flavouring StrawsMilk drinks230n/a1.40.9648SIPAHH Milk
Apple Blueberry Flavoured Fruit DrinkDrinksn/an/a009.812Bratz
Concentrate Cordial - Orange CrushDrinksn/an/a00611Cottee's
No Added Sugar Cordial - Orange CrushDrinksn/an/a000.513Cottee's
J Suntime JuiceDrinksn/an/a0010.78Fruitopia
Cola with Apple BaseDrinksn/an/a10115Fuze
Active Under 13s - lemon limeDrinksn/an/a00645Gatorade
Orange JuiceDrinksn/an/a0.207.88Golden Circle
Apple BlackcurrantDrinksn/an/a105.65Mini Pops
Pineapple, Lime and BananaDrinksn/an/a0.10164One fruit two fruit
Extra Juicy Cordial - Apple RaspberryDrinks94n/a105.46P&N
Sports Water - RaspberryDrinksn/an/a004.611Play
Apple Blackcurrant DrinkDrinksn/an/a1010.711Pop Tops
Hi-5 Orange JuiceDrinksn/an/a0.308.37Popper
Apple and Blackcurrant JuiceDrinksn/an/a0.1010.611Popper Juice
Apple JuiceDrinksn/an/a0010.511Popper Juice
Blackcurrant Fruit Drink - PopperDrinksn/an/a1110.25Ribena
Blackcurrant Fruit Drink - Tetra Pack SipperDrinksn/an/a0012.512Ribena
Apple Naturally Flavoured Soft DrinkDrinksn/an/a0011.65The Natural Beverage Co.
Radical Raspberry flavoured waterDrinksn/an/a0055Wacky Water
Tempura Chicken CracklesQuick meals and fast food849n/a12.73.61441Baiada
Fish Fillet FingersQuick meals and fast food855n/a8.911214Birds Eye
Fish FingersQuick meals and fast food869n/a8.70.91234Birds Eye
Simply Kids Chicken Fingers with VegetablesQuick meals and fast food890n/a9.30.93.7289Birds Eye
Golden Crunch Potato Gems OriginalQuick meals and fast food639n/a7.50.61360Birds Eye
Baked Beans in Tomato SauceQuick meals and fast food3605.20.50.14330Heinz
Big Red Tomato Soup for OneQuick meals and fast food150n/a0.105.3345Heinz
Little Kids Cheesy RavioliQuick meals and fast food330n/a2.21.33200Heinz
Little Kids Chicken & Pumpkin RisottoQuick meals and fast food2650.
Little Kids Creamy Tuna with VegetablesQuick meals and fast food205n/a10.61.410Heinz
Little Kids Macaroni & MeatballsQuick meals and fast food3300.92.912105Heinz
Little Kids Pasta Chicken & VegetablesQuick meals and fast food3250.
Little Kids Spaghetti BolognaiseQuick meals and fast food2750.
Spaghetti and Calcium Extra CheesyQuick meals and fast food2400.
Spaghetti and FibreQuick meals and fast food270n/a0.50.23.2330Heinz
Spaghetti - Extra Cheese SauceQuick meals and fast food250n/a0.203.3320Heinz
Kid`s Kitchen Cheezy Mac `n BeefQuick meals and fast food488n/a2.81.43.8390Hormel
CheeseburgerQuick meals and fast food1140n/a13.76.45554Hungry Jacks
Chicken NuggetsQuick meals and fast food1090n/a15.56.40.4283KFC
Easy Mac - ChickenQuick meals and fast food601n/a31.52.6317Kraft
Pizza Subs - ham & pineappleQuick meals and fast food902n/a5.32.84645McCain
Pizza Subs - MeatloversQuick meals and fast food980n/a7.13.714.5700McCain
Potato SmilesQuick meals and fast food740n/a8.50.31450McCain
CheeseburgerQuick meals and fast food1080n/a11.55.14.4634McDonald's
Pasta ZooQuick meals and fast food774n/a52.60.4221McDonald's
CheeseburgerQuick meals and fast food1266n/a13.94.94.8600Red Rooster
Golden Sea CreaturesQuick meals and fast food826n/a9.91.12.6553Seaways
Spag-a-saurusQuick meals and fast food2770.
Chicken Breast ChipsQuick meals and fast food850n/a8.52.30.4554Steggles
Chicken NuggetsQuick meals and fast food1020n/a13.73.70.8542Steggles
DinosnacksQuick meals and fast food857n/a10.42.80.2399Steggles
FairysnacksQuick meals and fast food857n/a10.42.80.2399Steggles
Vege Chips - NaturalSavoury snacks1950n/a20.1210.5560Ajitas
Milk ArrowrootSavoury snacks1690n/a2.50.74760Arnott's
Jatz LightSavoury snacks1920n/a15.972.21093Arnott's
Mini - OriginalSavoury snacks1310n/a2517.51720Babybel
Stringers - OriginalSavoury snacks1230n/a20.713.51700Bega
CheezelsSavoury snacks2220n/a31.115.24.31200Cheezels
Moo Zoo Cheese SnacksSavoury snacks1640n/a32.221.91520Devondale
Leg Ham and Cheese SticksSavoury snacks488n/a4.42.411400Hans
Rice Wheels - Cheese FlavourSavoury snacksn/an/a81.32.9690Healtheries
Little Kids Bread Sticks - CheesymiteSavoury snacks1755n/a11.73.24.1400Heinz
CheestikSavoury snacks1426n/a29.218.55.61600Kraft
Dairy Bites Fridge SticksSavoury snacks1147n/a20.512.85.31580Kraft
Dairy Bites SnackaboutsSavoury snacks1729n/a26.916.13.81250Kraft
Singles - LightSavoury snacks1032n/a15.810.54.11380Kraft
Singles - OriginalSavoury snacks1226n/a21.714.44.91472Kraft
2 Minute Noodles - ChickenSavoury snacks300n/a1.311320Maggi
Munchables - DIY Snack PackSavoury snacks1470n/a20.512.813.4790Mainland
Munchables Mexigos - Mini Corn Chips with SalsaSavoury snacks742n/a6.70.87.3321Mainland
Monster Noodle Snack - ChickenSavoury snacks2100n/a253.8less than 1750Mamee
Monster Noodle Snack - BBQSavoury snacks2190n/a29.34.31.7710Mamee
Monster Rice Sticks - cheese flavourSavoury snacks20009.620.28.58.6540Mamee
Monster Rice Sticks - vegetable flavourSavoury snacks185012.
Microwave Popcorn - Butter FlavourSavoury snacks1920n/a24.883.51300Poppin
Honey Leg HamSavoury snacks400n/a2.911.81500Primo
Rice Crackers - Classic BarbecueSavoury snacks1720n/a7.30.72.8533Sakata
Rice Crackers - PlainSavoury snacks16600.
Potato Chips – Salt and Vinegar flavourSavoury snacks2049n/a28.310.10.91204Smith's
Cheese SpreadSavoury snacks1110n/a23165760The Laughing Cow
Classic OriginalSavoury snacks2130n/a32.415.11.9562Thins
Party MixSweet snacks and desserts1460n/a1150110Allens
All Fruit BarsSweet snacks and desserts1010n/a005729Annie's
Shapes Crispy Puffs - Cheese and OnionSweet snacks and desserts1969n/a14.67.127.1242Arnott's
SportzSweet snacks and desserts1870n/a13.16.326.1335Arnott's
Tiny Teddy - ChocolateSweet snacks and desserts2240n/a29.110.140.8190Arnott's
Tiny Teddy Dippers - Strawberry with Choc Chip Tiny TeddySweet snacks and desserts1840n/a10.95.222.2272Arnott's
Fruit StringsSweet snacks and desserts1380n/a1.30.15740Bellis Fruit
Quelch Fruit SmoothiesSweet snacks and desserts335n/a1018.710Berri
Quelch Fruit SticksSweet snacks and desserts205n/a1110.620Berri
Bites Fruit Bites with coconut and yoghurtSweet snacks and desserts1318n/a5.224.0931.9616Boost
Brunch Bar RaisinSweet snacks and desserts1780n/a14.810.633.5265Cadbury
Kids Selection Custard TrioSweet snacks and desserts400n/a21.31252Dairy Farmers
Kids Selection Squeezie - strawberrySweet snacks and desserts425n/a1.81.214.660Dairy Farmers
Snak Pack - StrawberrySweet snacks and desserts469n/a3.32.114.347Foster Clark's
Berry FlakesSweet snacks and desserts1570n/a3.93.456.849Fruit Farm
Berry Pieces in YoghurtSweet snacks and desserts1820n/a18.718.258.149Go Natural
Popcorn & Fruit Bar Apple & CinnamonSweet snacks and desserts1399n/a2.321.4154.13148Go Natural
Apricot BitesSweet snacks and desserts1550n/a3.31.662.512Golden Days
Fruit Poles - apple, pear & strawberrySweet snacks and desserts1150n/a0.40.259.280Golden Days
Puree - Apple BlackcurrantSweet snacks and desserts243n/a0.1011.54Goulburn Valley
Two Fruits DicedSweet snacks and desserts227n/a0.10.19.18Goulburn Valley
Apple ChunksSweet snacks and desserts230n/a0.20121Heinz
Little Kids Bikkies Cocoa MaltSweet snacks and desserts1930n/a17.711.516.275Heinz
Little Kids Fruit & Bran Bars - StrawberrySweet snacks and desserts13704.96.40.942.1120Heinz
Little Kids Fruit Crush Apple & MangoSweet snacks and desserts355n/a0.10183Heinz
Little Kids Yoghurt Muesli Fingers - Sultana AppleSweet snacks and desserts14606.342.131.545Heinz
Splat Fruit Puree - Apple MangoSweet snacks and desserts250n/a0.2013.813Heinz
Hip Hop Fruit & Cereal Bar - choc fruit brownieSweet snacks and desserts1379n/a5.51.841.8142Hopper
Hip Hop Fruit & Cereal Bar - sultana & honeySweet snacks and desserts1391n/a5.11.743.6157Hopper
Fruit BarsSweet snacks and desserts1574n/a5.64.765.368IXL
Summer Fruit Frenzy Fruit JelliesSweet snacks and desserts1398n/a0.20.26540Katjes
Coco PopsSweet snacks and desserts1750n/a10.34.430370Kellogg's
Coco Pops ChexSweet snacks and dessertsn/an/a7.86.836.6255Kellogg's
Apple Snack BarsSweet snacks and desserts1470.2n/a3.80.91524.9Kid Start
Munchables Milk Protein Bar - Chocolate Milkshake FlavourSweet snacks and desserts1510n/a4.31.529.1300Mainland
Muffin Bars - Apple & CinnamonSweet snacks and desserts1560n/a13.73.634.6340Mills & Ware`s
Fruit Crumble Muesli Bars - apricotSweet snacks and desserts1570n/a9.46.730180Mother Earth
Milkybar Dairy SnackSweet snacks and desserts680n/a8.36.216.851Nestle
Yoghurt - StrawberrySweet snacks and desserts431n/a3.12.213.138Nestle
Orange, Mango & Pineapple Sorbet & Icy Juice SplitSweet snacks and desserts405n/a0.10.122.810Nudie Nice
Milk Chocolate Wafer SticksSweet snacks and desserts2134n/a26.414.945.4167Oreo
Outback Animals - Vanilla CookiesSweet snacks and desserts1750n/a13.35.723.9217Orgran
UgliesSweet snacks and desserts2020n/a20.31433300Paradise
Vanilla Custard with FruitSweet snacks and desserts480n/a21.317.680Pauls
Yoghurt with Real Fruit - strawberrySweet snacks and desserts369n/a2.51.611.175Pauls
FruBears AppleSweet snacks and desserts1160n/a0.6059.75Robern
Jelly Crushers - Crushed Peach in Passionfruit Flavoured JellySweet snacks and desserts289n/a0.10.113.625SPC
Raspberry Flavoured Jelly with PearsSweet snacks and desserts320n/a0.10.118.151SPC
Paddle Pop Mini Fruits - Passion PineSweet snacks and desserts290n/a00164Streets
Natural SnakesSweet snacks and desserts1420n/a0.20.250.817The Natural Confectionary Co.
ABC Letter Biscuits Honey with YoghurtSweet snacks and desserts1900n/a13.17.612.6230The Wiggles
Yoghurt Topps StrawberrySweet snacks and desserts1420n/a2.91.440.8165Uncle Tobys
Oats Smooth & Tasty - honeySweet snacks and desserts1500n/a3.11.430.540Uncle Tobys
Roll-Ups Fun Prints - Raspberry FlavourSweet snacks and desserts151011. Tobys
Roll-Ups - Fruit Salad Flavour, RainbowSweet snacks and desserts1560n/a3.21.429.950Uncle Tobys
VegeBuddies Gummi BearsSweet snacks and desserts1404n/a0.70.1949.460Vitarich
Organic SultanasSweet snacks and desserts1373n/a0.4073.236Whole Kids
Choc RockSweet snacks and desserts443n/a2.91.91375Yogo
Mix Choc YoGo & Choc ChipsSweet snacks and desserts732n/a7.44.419.980Yogo
Creamy Original - StrawberrySweet snacks and desserts426n/a3.32.213.552Yoplait
Go-Gurt Smooth Yogurt Tubes - Strawberry SpidersSweet snacks and desserts354n/a1.81.211.944Yoplait
Petit Miam - Vanilla StrawberrySweet snacks and desserts479n/a4.73.112.564Yoplait
Smackers Smooth Yogurt Tubes - StrawberrySweet snacks and desserts357n/a1.81.212.145Yoplait
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