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  • Updated:23 Feb 2007

07.Heinz organic

An organic baby food in jars. Its labelling is reasonably clear and most varieties contain some thickener and water. Like other food in jars, it uses heat treatment to make it shelf stable. Made in Australia. Heinz organic products

Labelling: Percentages of main ingredients, such as vegetables, fruits and meat, are given on the label. Quantities for some ingredients are not given, for example water and ground rice in several varieties.

Thickeners/fillers: All varieties except four contain some thickening agent, for example, maize starch/cornflour, ground rice. Water is added to most varieties "for cooking and to ensure appropriate texture". It is clear from the labelling that most varieties contain a high total percentage of fruits or vegetables and meat (where it’s a meat variety). However, some varieties appear lower, for example Organic chicken and sweet potato (54% vegetables and chicken, the remainder water, thickener and parsley).

Product name accuracy: Fruits or vegetables other than those named are sometimes included, for example Organic chicken and sweet potato contains 29% sweet potato and 15% other vegetables. Organic pineapple passion contains more apple (80%) than either pineapple or passionfruit (both of which are only present as juices). Heinz says the products are named for the characterising ingredients which give the distinctive flavour.

Meat content: Varieties containing meat contain 10% chicken/lamb/beef.

Organic: Yes, major ingredients certified organic. Minor ingredients often not organic: the organic standard allows non organic ingredients to be used as long as the organic variety is not readily available and it's less than 5% of the product. In one case, a named ingredient – the cheese in Organic cheesy pasta bake – is not listed as organic. Heinz says this is because organic parmesan is not available and it's only 1% of the product; it will use certified organic cheese when it can source it reliably. The beef in Organic tender beef with vegetable mash is not listed as organic but Heinz says this is a labelling error, the beef used is organic.

Type: Jar.

Made in: Australia

Storage and serving: Can be stored at room temperature until opened. Serve warm or at room temperature. Opened, but unheated portion can be stored in fridge for 48 hours.

Processing: Prepared foods are heat treated in jar to preserve.

Available in: Major supermarkets.

Price we paid:

  • $1.29 per 110g jar.
  • $1.89 per 170g jar.

Website: www.heinzforbaby.com.au


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Heinz Organic range:
4 to 6 months
Organic golden vegetable mash
Pumpkin 65%, sweet potato 22%, water
Organic sweet baby vegetables
Vegetables 65% (sweet potato, carrots 15%, potatoes 15%, sweetcorn 14%), water
Organic apple, banana & berries
Apples 85%, bananas 12%, blueberries 2%, cranberry juice
Organic apple & cranberry gel
Fruit juice 98% (apple 89%, cranberry 9%), vegetable gums (carrageenan, carob bean), vitamin C
Organic banana & chocolate brulee
Full cream milk 40%, banana 35%, water, ground rice, maize starch, cocoa powder 0.5%
Organic creamy oats with fig & sultanas
Fruit 26% (figs 21%, sultanas 5%), yoghurt (cultured milk), oats 15%, water, full cream milk, apple juice, maize starch, natural vanilla flavour, food acid (citric acid)
Organic fruity pear & apricot swirl
Fruit 56% (pears 42%, apricots 14%), apple juice, water, ground rice
Organic orchard plum delight
Fruit 91% (plums 68%, bananas, apples 9%), ground brown rice, vitamin C
Organic pineapple passion
Fruit and fruit juice 95% (apples, pineapple juice 10%, passionfruit juice 5%), ground rice
7 to 9 months
Organic butternut pumpkin pilaf
Vegetables 61% (butternut pumpkin 38%, sweetcorn 18%, onion, zucchini, spinach), water, brown rice 7%, cheeses (ricotta, parmesan), cornflour, spices and spice extract
Organic chicken and sweet potato
Vegetables 44% (sweet potatoes 29%, potatoes, peas 5%, onions, pumpkin), water, chicken 10%, maize starch, parsley
Organic lamb shepherd's pie
Vegetables 75% (tomatoes 41%, potatoes 13%, carrots, peas 5%, sweetcorn, onion), lamb 10%, water, parsley, cornflour, spice extract, thyme
Organic Provencale chicken pasta
Vegetables 74% (tomatoes 54%, carrots, zucchini, onion), wheat pasta 12%, chicken 10%, cornflour, parmesan cheese, oregano, spice extract
Organic tender beef with vegetable mash
Vegetables 62% (tomatoes, sweet potato, zucchini 8%, potatoes, carrots 5%), apple juice, brown rice, beef 10%, ground rice
10 to 15 months
Organic cheesy pasta bake
Vegetables 45% (pumpkin 10%, sweetcorn, carrots, zucchini 8%, sweet potato, spinach) water, full cream milk, wheat pasta 7%, cornflour, cheeses 3% (parmesan 1%, ricotta, romano), spice extract, spice
Organic country chicken with peas
Vegetables 44% (sweetcorn, potatoes 8%, carrots 8%, peas 8%, onion, zucchini), water, chicken 10%, cornflour, parsley, spice extract, onion extract, spices
Organic spinach, pumpkin & ricotta
Vegetables 66% (pumpkin 33%, tomatoes, sweet potato, onion, zucchini, sweetcorn, spinach 0.5%), water, wheat macaroni 11%, maize starch, ricotta 2%, parmesan cheese, basil, spice extract, spice
Organic spring lamb with baby vegetables
Vegetables 81% (tomatoes, carrots 15%, potatoes, peas 5%, sweetcorn, onion), lamb 10%, water, ground rice, maize starch, basil
Organic apple & cinnamon porridge
Fruit 62% (apples 30%, pears, sultanas), oats 19%, water, cinnamon, vit C