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  • Updated:23 Feb 2007

04.Baby boost

A chilled baby food with no thickening agents and most varieties have comprehensive labelling. It has had some heat-treatment for longer shelf-life in the fridge. Made in Australia. Baby boost product

Labelling: The label tells you the amounts of all the ingredients for all varieties, with two exceptions (Italian lasagna and Tuna casserole). The ingredients are sometimes not listed correctly in descending order by percentage.

Thickeners/fillers: No. Baby boost doesn’t use any thickening agents. Cooking water, stock or juice is added to adjust the consistency, for example, when starchy vegetables (potato, sweet potato, corn) or pasta is included.

Product name accuracy: Sometimes vegetables not mentioned in the name of the product are included, for example, Pumpkin & potato includes more sweet potato than potato (and there is no picture of sweet potato on the label, but the manufacturer has told us it will be adding it).

Meat content: From 10 months varieties with meat/fish include from 14% to 21%.

Organic: No

Type: Plastic pouch, refrigerated.

Made in: Australia.

Storage and serving: Must be kept refrigerated – cannot travel at room temperature. Warm before serving. Unheated portion can be stored in fridge for 48 hours.

Processing: The ingredients are prepared, cooked and mashed. The filled pouches are sealed, given a light pasteurisation treatment and chilled. This proprietary process gives a shelf life of 90 days.

Available in: Major supermarkets, yoghurt/chiller cabinet.

Price we paid:

  • 6 months+ savoury varieties, $1.59 per 120g pouch.
  • 6 months+ sweet varieties, $4.39 per 4 pack of 125g pots.
  • 10 months+ savoury varieties, $1.99 per 170g pouch.

Website: www.babyboost.com.au 


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Baby boost range:
6 months+
Carrot & swede
Carrot 35%, swede 35%, sweet potato 18%, cooking water 12%.
Pumpkin & potato
Pumpkin 45%, sweet potato 25%, potato 20%, cooking water 10%.
Pumpkin & sweetcorn
Pumpkin 75%, sweetcorn 19%, cooking water 6%.
Red lentils & vegetables
Pumpkin 35%, sweet potato 25%, cooking water 12%, carrots 10%, lentils 5%, green beans 5%, leeks 5%, spinach 3%.
Sweet potato & broccoli
Sweet potato 60%, broccoli 21%, potato 10%,  cooking water 9%.
Fruit boost 2 x apples & 2 x pears
Apples: Apple 99.9%, vitamin C
Pear 99.9%, vitamin C
Fruit boost 2 x fruit salad & 2 x Apples & peaches
Fruit salad: Pear 49%, apple 26%, peach 7%, apricot 7%, banana 7%, pineapple juice 3.5%, vitamin C.
Apples & peaches:
Apple 43.9%, peach 29%, pear 27%, vitamin C.
10 months+
Chicken & vegetable hotpot
Vegetables 52% (sweet potatoes, turnips, potatoes, green beans, carrots, leeks, celery), cooking water, chicken 14%.
Italian lasagne
Vegetable stock (water, vegetable extracts), diced tomatoes 21%, pasta 18% (durum wheat, semolina), beef mince 17%, silver beet, carrots, tomato paste, herbs.
Tuna casserole dinner
Pasta 24%, vegetable stock (water, vegetable extracts), tuna 21%, sweetcorn, carrots, green beans.
Mixed vegetables
Vegetables 70% (potatoes, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, celery), cooking water.