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About 10-15% of couples will experience fertility problems.
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  • Updated:30 Apr 2011

04.Emotions and fertility treatments

Couples who undergo fertility treatments can experience a wide range of feelings. The inconvenience and stress of being tested, having daily injections, being on medications with often intolerable side effects, having regular blood tests and procedures and constant vaginal examinations by specialists or providing sperm as the man, can feel very invasive, making it hard to keep motivated if pregnancy does not occur within a few cycles.

Many couples talk about the merry-go-round of fertility treatments and how it seems to take over their lives, impacting on their relationships, work and social activities.

Once fertility treatments are completed each cycle, then the couple must endure the long two week wait to find out if a baby has been conceived. This can be a highly emotional, frustrating and agonising time, as a pregnancy test is not done until 14 to 16 days after egg collection.

If the treatments were unsuccessful and a period arrives, then the couple need to decide if and when they will try again using assisted conception techniques, often based on how they are feeling.

For many couples a pregnancy does start and there is elation and relief, to then sadly end in a miscarriage a few weeks later bringing intense grief and disappointment.

People who attend fertility clinics for treatments usually have access to a trained counsellor or social worker as part of their treatments. However, you may prefer to seek independent counselling to talk over your issues.

In Australia there is an independent consumer run organisation called ACCESS - Australia's National Fertility Network. This organisation provides information, support and guidance and contacts for support groups and counselling, for couples of any age who are experiencing infertility. To find out more you can visit their website:

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