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1. Transparency

Selection criteria for each CHOICE Recommended model differ from product to product and are based on CHOICE’s testing methodology. CHOICE publishes the performance results in relevant test reports on its website and in magazine articles. A number of products may be recommended in any one test if they meet the appropriate performance criteria. CHOICE selects products and services for testing based on market research, popularity and price points. We buy all the products we test and don’t accept samples from manufacturers. To carry the CHOICE Recommended logo the manufacturer or business must apply and pay for a licence within one month of the relevant publication.
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2. Consumer friendliness

The CHOICE Recommended program will be accessible to consumers through the appearance of the 'CHOICE Recommended' logo at point-of-sale, in marketing promotions and broadcast. Consumers can report infringements or ask questions about the scheme by phoning 1800 069 552 or emailing

3. Conflict of interests

CHOICE has mechanisms in place to deal with conflict of interests as well as rigorous comparative testing methods either developed internally or based on Australian or International Standards. Test methods are based on identifying the best performing products and are not influenced by manufacturers in any way. Licence payments are a one-off fee – we don’t receive additional payments per item sold by the manufacturer as a result of a CHOICE recommendation.

CHOICE reserves the right to refuse a licence application.

4. Stakeholder engagement

In setting up the scheme CHOICE consulted manufacturers and conducted consumer research with members and non-members of CHOICE. We welcome feedback about the program from manufacturers, retailers and consumers at any time and we will consider all responses. Phone 1800 069 552 or email The CHOICE Recommended scheme is regularly reviewed by the CHOICE Board of Directors

5. Equitable participation

CHOICE has built flexibility into the scheme to ensure that small manufacturers and businesses are not excluded. We can offer licence fee discounts based on company size, market share and price point for the product.

6. Verification

CHOICE’s product testing is based on rigorous methodology and expertise. Where appropriate it follows Australian or International Standards, and key areas of CHOICE testing are NATA accredited

Reports are subject to factual verification by CHOICE experts.

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