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CHOICE Recommended

The CHOICE endorsement scheme allows manufacturers to use the 'CHOICE Recommended' logo on a range of products, in turn helping consumers to choose the best models on the market. Subject to licence conditions and CHOICE Recommended Logo Regulations, the logo can be used by companies with a product that has met CHOICE's strict testing standards for performance and excellence.

How does the program operate?
  • CHOICE has always been in the business of testing products. Our aim is to help consumers buy the best through our reports and What to Buy lists. 
  • Manufacturers and businesses can apply for a non-exclusive license to use a ‘CHOICE Recommended’ logo if their model appears in a CHOICE What to Buy list in CHOICE magazine or online.
  • Licenses are valid for 6 or 12 months depending on the cycle of CHOICE testing.
  • The logo can be used for marketing only the models that are recommended by CHOICE.
  • There is a tiered license fee structure based on the length of the license and the number of a manufacturers’ models recommended
  • Fees are used for administration and investment into further CHOICE testing and research.
  • The logo carries the date of the CHOICE recommendation (month/year).
Models eligible to apply for CHOICE Recommended status
  • Any model recommended in the CHOICE What to Buy list for products that have been through our rigorous, defensible schedule of testing based on Australian or International Standards or developed by CHOICE experts, is eligible to apply for a license.

CHOICE always has and always will, buy products for testing anonymously. The CHOICE Recommended scheme is a by-product of our testing and does not determine what products we test. Funds from license fees cover administration, policing of abuse and staffing. Any surplus funds are re-invested into the CHOICE testing program. The fee structure is dependent on the length of the license, the number of products licensed by the same manufacturer and the nature of its use. For more information on fees contact

To apply

For further information contact or phone (02) 9577 3378.



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