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CHOICE Membership

An easy choice

CHOICE Online is advice, community, advocacy and more.

  • Unbiased advice.
  • Full access to CHOICE Online reviews, articles campaigns, and member comments.
  • Part of a strong community of like-minded consumers.
  • Keep track of issues and products that interest you.
  • Save money across all your purchases.

Becoming a CHOICE Online member opens up a wealth of information and support, tailored to your needs as a consumer. You’ll benefit not just from CHOICE’s expertise, but also from other members’ experiences. Visit the community section to see how you can share your experiences and tips with the 200,000 strong CHOICE community, save and comment on articles and much more.

The CHOICE website makes it easy to find the right information. Full product reviews, articles and the CHOICE Shopper service are all there to help members save money on every purchase decision they make.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of CHOICE membership or sign up now and start benefiting today.

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Why become a member?

Start making the right choices

CHOICE is run by its members, for its members. Becoming a CHOICE member opens up a wealth of information and gives you a voice as a consumer.

  • Get access to information relevant to you. 
  • Make the sure you’re getting the most out of your money.
  • Help other consumers make informed decisions.
  • Have a say in how CHOICE is operated.

Membership grants full access to all of CHOICE’s renowned product reviews. Covering all aspects of your daily life including household products, technology, food, health, money, travel and children’s products. CHOICE reviews are designed to help level the playing field and provide you with the most accurate and unbiased advice available.

A CHOICE membership helps the community as a whole. By funding the largest and most effective consumer advocacy organisation in Australia you are helping hold government and industry accountable for their actions and claims.

CHOICE members have direct influence on the organisation’s direction and and help ensure that CHOICE is able to stay independent and can continue to assist consumers across the country. 

Read on to find out more about the benefits of CHOICE membership or sign up now and start benefiting today.

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Product reviews

Levelling the playing field

  • CHOICE reviews make finding the right product for you easy.
  • Based on scientific testing.
  • Completely self-funded. 
  • Independent and unbiased advice and analysis.
  • Cover a wide range of products.
  • Tailored to suit your specific needs — whether it be affordabilty, environmental impact or extra features.
  • Designed to help you save time and money when buying.

CHOICE testing is completely independent. All products are paid for by CHOICE and all testing is undertaken by experienced testers. Read more about the testing process and the people who carry them out in How we test. CHOICE reviews also include a detailed overview of the testing process and explain clearly and concisely what the results mean and how they impact you.

CHOICE reviews cover more than just big ticket items. Our members benefit from independent results to help with everday purchasing decisions, both large and small. Is there something you would like CHOICE to test? Request-a-test gives you a voice.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of CHOICE membership or sign up now and start benefiting today.

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CHOICE Research Reports

More than just fridge reviews

CHOICE membership brings access to an unparalleled range of advice and information on the products and services consumers encounter every day.

  • Rigorous and independent research.
  • Get advice on day to day purchasing decisions, services and consumer-related issues.
  • Improve your knowledge of health, environment and lifestyle services.
  • Life stage guides to help with life transitions.

CHOICE members get access to more than just rigorous and scientific reviews of fridges and washing machines. CHOICE also provides insight into matters that affect consumers the most, from food, services, health and safety through to financial advice, exercise, sustainaibility and more.

Life Stage reports help you with key transitions in life ranging from having a baby, decisions to go green or how to save money - all in one convenient location

Read on to find out more about the benefits of CHOICE membership or sign up now and start benefiting today.

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CHOICE Community

Be part of something bigger

CHOICE Online membership gives you access to an active and engaged community of like-minded consumers.

  • Community of over 200,000 users.
  • Learn from other members.
  • Share your own experiences.
  • Rate, share and save articles that interest you.
  • Connect with like-minded members easily.

Online members enthusiastically discuss CHOICE’s independent advice and actively champion consumer rights, sustainable consumption, environmental awareness and more. They can connect with other like minded people on issues that matter to them and expand their awareness and knowledge of the key issues affecting their lives.

The CHOICE site features personalisation features that let members comment, rate, and share the articles and reviews they find interesting while keeping abreast of what other members are saying or becoming engaged with. Becoming a CHOICE Online member lets you take advantage of these great features.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of CHOICE membership or sign up now and start benefiting today.

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The consumer champion  

Over 50 years of consumer support and advocacy

  • More than just product reviews.
  • The leading independent consumer rights organisation in the country.
  • Campaign for issues that affect Australian consumers.

As the leading independent consumer rights organisation in the country, CHOICE fills an important advocacy role for consumers. Through campaigns designed to raise awareness of consumer rights, CHOICE lobbies government and industry bodies to change legislation and industry practices for the benefit of all consumers. CHOICE has been standing up for consumer rights for over 50 years. Find out more about the impact of CHOICE's work.

Read about some of the campaigns in the Consumer Action section, read on for what CHOICE members have to say, or sign up now and start benefiting today.

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CHOICE Testimonials

See what our members have to say

  • “I love the work you do and find your website SO very helpful in providing me with the ability to make informed product choices for my family.” 

— Sharon Randall, Port Macquarie, NSW

  • “I find your website most helpful. It saves me a lot of time because it does the investigating for me. CHOICE Online is my first point of call for virtually everything I buy and I particularly like the What to Buy summary.”

— Mattie Tomasevich, Sydney, NSW

  • "I just wanted to say the Choice website is just invaluable. I've now used it to find: a mobile phone plan, LCD panel, digital camera, internet stock broker and my wife found us a new washing machine! Your site is well put together, and easy to search for products. Top job, best $22.95/q we've ever spent."

— Matt, Sydney, NSW

CHOICE has a wide range of plans and products to suit every consumer and every budget. Sign up now and start benefiting today.

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