Diving Unlimited International weight systems recall

Harness and belt system designed to carry weights while scuba diving or snorkelling recalled due to a potential hazard.
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  • Updated:2 Aug 2011

01.Diving Unlimited International Weight and Trim II and Weight and Trim Classic recall

Product information

Product description

These products are a harness and belt system designed to carry weights whilst scuba diving or snorkel diving. They are designed in such a way that if it is neccessary to release or "ditch" the weights, this can be done by pulling on two handles, one on each side, which will release the weights from the harness.

Identifying features

This recall only applies to DUI Weight & Trim Systems that have grey handles and DO NOT have a grey stripe located above the DUI logo. Systems with yellow handles are not affected by this recall.

What are the hazards?

If the lanyard and/or cables are not the right length, the weight pockets do not easily detach from the harness when the handle is pulled. In the unlikely situation a handle is pulled in an emergency, this could prevent the weights from easily dropping as designed.

What are the defects?

DUI recently became aware of a problem with some of these products shipped between July 2010 and 16th April 2011. They found there was an inconsistency in the lanyard/cable length attached to the handle that forms part of the mechanism to release weights from the harness.

Dates available for sale

1st July 2010 - 16th April 2011

Where the product was sold


Traders who sold this product

The product in question was only supplied to three Scuba Diving Stores / Scuba Diving Operations.


Aquanaut Pty Ltd

Supplier's web site


What should consumers do?

Diving Unlimited International has issued re-work instructions to rectify this issue. Consumers should return any product to their place of purchase who will return any affected products to the supplier who will inspect and rework affected products. Rework instructions also cover the addition of identifying marks for ease of identification.

Information sourced from Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's (ACCC) Product safety recalls



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