Peugeot 207 vehicles recall

There is a possibility that the battery's negative cable is incorrect in length.

14 Sep 2011 | The car battery's negative cable may break, and should this occur, the vehicle would stall without the ability to be restarted.

Woolworths Macro Whole Foods Gluten Free Choc Brownie Mix recall

The brownie mixes contain an undeclared allergen, milk.

14 Sep 2011 | Any consumers who have a milk allergy or intolerance may have a reaction if the product is consumed.

Petstat HopStop recall

A recall has been issued on the spray control for cane toads due to leakage.

14 Sep 2011 | A structural fault has been detected in a small number of cans of Batch 0411/A, which may result in leaking or discharge of contents.

Recall on thermo glass cookware sold in Coles

The Décor Corporation recalls its thermo glass cookware products sold in Coles nationally - RE-ANNOUNCEMENT

7 Sep 2011 | A range of products did not meet Décor's temperature differential specification, which may lead to breakage. it was initially thought that there were 13 affected cookware products sold at Coles in Berwick, Victoria, but it has since been found that they were sold nationally.

CooperVision Avaira Toric Contact Lenses recall

CooperVision Australia has received complaints of temporary hazy or blurry vision and discomfort from wearers.

7 Sep 2011 | Laboratory tests have found that these symptoms were caused by a small amount of residue on the lenses. In all reported cases the symptoms were temporary and reversed after the contact lenses were removed.

Mercedes-Benz ACTROS 930-934 recall

In extreme cases, there could be a problem with a short circuit.

7 Sep 2011 | It is possible that the engine wiring harness may chafe on a mounting bracket, causing a short circuit.

Fiat Ducato X2/50 recall

In some cases, the spare wheel support device might break due to incorrect operation.

7 Sep 2011 | The spare wheel may become detached, which could be a safety hazard.

Kawasaki ZX1000KBF and ZX1000JBF recall

An electrical fault could cause an accident in the Kawasaki models.

7 Sep 2011 | The main wiring harness of the Kawasaki models may rub against the rear of the frame, causing an electrical fault. The loss of ignition could cause the engine to stop running, creating the potenial for an accident.

Ducati Diavel Motorcycles recall

The motorcycle may fall and potentially cause injury

7 Sep 2011 | The side stand on the Ducati Diavel motorcycles may bend or break under heavy load while the bike is resting on it.

Jayco Swan Camper recall

A recall has been issued on the campers due to a potential electrical hazard.

7 Sep 2011 | The 240V wiring for the power inlet could be damaged by the roof winder cables over time. The defect could cause a short circuit or activation of the electrical safety switch.

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