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Abode Multi-Functional Blender recall

12 Oct 2011 | Big W is recalling Abode Multi-Functional Blenders sold nationally between 25th April 2010 and 6th October 2011.  More »

APMI midnight folding handle recall

13 Jul 2011 | APMI has discovered that the handles on the TSB unit may open under vibration whilst driving, potentially causing goods stored to fall unto the road.   More »

Arcan LLC Aluminium Vehicle Jack recall

28 Jul 2011 | The warning label on the Arcan LLC Aluminum Jack is non-compliant with the mandatory standard, which could lead to a crushing hazard.  More »

Assorted Phoenix beverages recall

04 Nov 2011 | Charlie's Trading Company Ltd is recalling Phoenix Ginger Beer, Creaming Soda, Cola, Orange Fizz, Sparkling Apple, and Sparkling Blood Orange.  More »

Audi R8 Spyder Vehicles Recall

18 Aug 2011 | There is the possibility that the fuel supply line can come into contact with the heat shield in the engine compartment, which could cause damage and leaks.  More »

Austech Industries Mechpro MP2540 Air Compressor recall

21 Sep 2011 | Due to overheating of various components in the motor, flammable components may combust, leading to other flammable components catching fire.  More »

Baby Jogger City Select stroller recall

04 Oct 2011 | i Retail USA Baby Jogger City Select strollers have been recalled, because the strollers do not have wrist tethers for the carer, or red coloured brakes.  More »

Baby Jogger toddler seat recall

20 Oct 2011 | The Amazing Baby Company is recalling Baby Jogger toddler seats sold between September 2008 and September 2011.  More »

Brenlea Blue-V sunglasses recall

23 Sep 2011 | The right lens doesn't meet the mandatory standard, and could affect the ability to judge the distance of objects, particularly moving objects.   More »

Briajen Angle Load Horse Float recall

13 Jul 2011 | Briajen recalls a number of horse float models that are found to not comply with the ADR and therefore have a higher accident risk.  More »

Top 10 Recent Articles

Canon EOS 650D digital SLR cameras recall

20 Aug 2012 | Some cameras have a manufacturing fault that may mean the camera grip turns white and has the potential to cause an allergic reaction in some people.   More »

Kawasaki Jet Skis (assorted models) recall

23 Jan 2012 | Kawasaki Motors Pty Ltd is recalling assorted Kawasaki Jet Ski models sold between the 1st November 2009 and 31st January 2012.  More »

Backa Australia Chabi recall

23 Jan 2012 | Backa Australia is recalling Chabi due to a microbial (Staphylococcus) contamination.  More »

Map-Pro Propylene and MAPP Gas Cylinders recall

20 Jan 2012 | Worthington Cylinders is recalling Map-Pro Propylene and MAPP Gas Cylinders sold nationally by plumbing and refrigeration merchants and other industrial outlets.  More »

Coles Chicken and Vegetable Pies recall

04 Jan 2012 | Coles Supermarkets Pty Ltd is recalling Coles Chicken and Vegetable Pies as the product may contain bone fragments.  More »

Natural Sprouts and SA Sprouts recall

03 Jan 2012 | SA Sprouts is recalling "Natural Sprouts" and "SA Sprouts" due to microbial contamination (E.Coli).  More »

BDazzled Teeth Whitening System recall

18 Jan 2012 | Nouveau Smiles Pty Ltd is recalling BDazzled Teeth Whitening System due to an excessively high concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the product.  More »

Venom Island Hopper Plus R/C Plane recall

09 Jan 2012 | Venom Group International Pty Ltd is recalling Venom Island Hopper Plus R/C Planes due to a potential fire and burn hazard.  More »

LED Decorative Fairy Lights recall

09 Jan 2012 | Aus LED Lighting is recalling LED Decorative Fairy Lights sold in Queensland.  More »

Hitachi Inverter Welding Machine recall

11 Jan 2012 | Lincoln Electric Company (Australia) Pty. Ltd is recalling Hitachi Inverter Welding Machines.  More »

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