WA consumer report reveals cost of living squeeze

31 Jul 2014 | CHOICE has released a new report on Western Australian consumers’ cost-of-living concerns, revealing an anxious picture of the State’s households.

Anti-piracy paper high on costs but low on solutions

30 Jul 2014 | CHOICE says that the Federal Government’s Online Copyright Infringement discussion paper puts forward solutions which are likely to pass costs on to all internet users without dramatically reducing rates of piracy.

Leaked anti-piracy paper not so fancy

29 Jul 2014 | CHOICE says that the leaked Federal Government’s Online Copyright Infringement discussion paper sidesteps the Australia tax issue and fails to deal with the real causes of piracy.

Media alert - consumer and seniors groups call for senate to save FoFA

15 Jul 2014 | A coalition of consumer and seniors’ groups will call for the Senate to save vital consumer protections.

Nestle milking parental guilt

15 Jul 2014 | CHOICE has found Aspen, Nestle and Nutricia are targeting unsuspecting parents with costly “junior milk” products that make a range of outlandish nutritional claims and offer few benefits to healthy toddlers.

Senate delivers blow to fair financial advice

15 Jul 2014 | CHOICE has expressed disappointment at today’s vote in the Senate to uphold the Federal Government’s wind-back of consumer financial advice protections.

Unhealthy premiums

8 Jul 2014 | A CHOICE review of health insurance has found consumers across the country can save $1400 on average on their premiums by selecting the right Top Hospital cover.

Discount divas big week on a song

4 Jul 2014 | A CHOICE journalist has saved an impressive $1143.65 on entertainment, household bills, wine, clothing, beauty and everyday bills in one week by using vouchers, finding discounts and buying items on sale.

CONBANK says but consumer protections must go

3 Jul 2014 | Today the Commonwealth Bank issued a public apology for nearly ten years of bad behavior from their financial advisers.

Government opts out of consumer protection

30 Jun 2014 | CHOICE is calling on federal politicians to oppose regulation which winds back essential protections for consumers seeking financial advice.

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