Steaking out the truth

7 Feb 2013 | With steaks on supermarket shelves and restaurant menus increasingly coming from beef farmed in a variety of ways – from organic to grain-fed to hormone-free - CHOICE says consumers need to be better informed about what they are buying.

CHOICE calls for insurance companies to clean up their act

31 Jan 2013 | In the aftermath of the Queensland floods, CHOICE is calling on insurance companies to clean up their act and not use the recent disaster as a reason to jack-up premiums or abandon residents in flood-prone areas.

CHOICE proposes reforms to simplify food labelling origin claims

24 Jan 2013 | CHOICE is proposing reforms to simplify country of origin labelling in Australia, after a survey found that 90% of respondents are not clear about where their food comes from.

CHOICE farewells Head of Media, Ingrid Just

18 Jan 2013 | CHOICE has announced the departure of its Head of Media, Ingrid Just, who has held the role since 2010.

Get smart on cooling to beat powerbills

4 Jan 2013 | CHOICE says that with the cost of running air-conditioners increasing due to rising electricity prices, people can save hundreds of dollars by looking carefully at the size of the area they want to cool, the type of environment they live in and by using energy efficient cooling strategies.

Apple slugs Aussies with MacPro pricing

| CHOICE has analysed Apple’s new MacPro pricing - and found it will cost Australian consumers up to 18% (excluding GST) more than consumers in the United States.


Frozen yoghurt (froyo) investigation

| A CHOICE investigation into 5 frozen yoghurt (froyo) businesses - WowCow, Mooberry, Yogurtland, Yogurberry and Zwirl - has found a potential breach of regulations and numerous dodgy health claims.

CHOICE says Qantas charts a dodgy flightpath on surcharges

| While any reduction in astronomical surcharges is welcome, CHOICE would like to see Qantas' credit card surcharges fall to reflect actual processing costs.

Media alert: CHOICE Shonkys - Tuesday 29 October, 2013

| The 8th annual CHOICE Shonky Awards where Australia's worst products and services of 2013 will be revealed. The CHOICE Shonkys highlight the dodgy, dubious, deceitful and sometimes even dangerous goods and services that come to CHOICE’s attention.

CHOICE presents inaugural Shonky Hall of Shame Award to NUK

| During recent testing of a range of dummies on the market, CHOICE found the Nuk Starlight Silicone Orthodonic Soother (0-6 months) failed the shield test in the mandatory Australian Standard.

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