CHOICE finds top selling Nespresso pods not so tasty

18 Apr 2013 | While George Clooney’s looks may have helped Nespresso explode into a billion dollar global brand, CHOICE has found the coffee capsules aren’t as hot as their competitors, placing fourth out of five in a taste test.

CHOICE calls on four big banks to walk the talk on interest cuts

12 Apr 2013 | With mortgage debt at a historic high, CHOICE is challenging Australia’s major banks to use their record profitability to pass on an out-of-cycle interest rate cut to consumers.

Stop the confusion

27 Mar 2013 | CHOICE has welcomed recommendations that the government develop a more effective approach to country of origin labelling after an inquiry found that consumers were confused by the current approach.

Five questions for Apple, Adobe and Microsoft at IT pricing inquiry

22 Mar 2013 | CHOICE is challenging global technology giants Adobe, Apple and Microsoft to answer five key questions at today’s Federal Parliamentary inquiry into IT pricing, which is looking at why Australians are paying about 50% more for software and hardware

Clock ticking on outrageous surcharges

19 Mar 2013 | CHOICE says time has run out for excessive credit card surcharges, with the Reserve Bank's new rules limiting surcharges coming into effect today.

Salt levels on shaky ground

11 Mar 2013 | In an era where manufacturers are meant to be reducing salt levels in processed food, a CHOICE review of kids’ food has found unacceptably high-levels of salt in a raft of products, including breakfast cereals and lunch box snacks. In some instances, a food product marketed at children was found to have more salt than the adult equivalent.

Judgement day approaches for shonky credit cards

7 Mar 2013 | Ahead of new rules reining in excessive credit card surcharges from 18 March,1 CHOICE is calling on the worst offenders to stop price-gouging shoppers.

CHOICE exposes Australian dirty dishwashing habits

5 Mar 2013 | From the dodgy habit of leaning plates together to the scandal of ‘shadowing’ – where bowls are placed over one other – a CHOICE survey has opened the lid on Australian dishwashing habits and discovered a raft of dirty problems and sticky issues.

When packaging attacks

20 Feb 2013 | In response to the pervasiveness of frustrating, impenetrable and potentially dangerous packaging, CHOICE is today launching “Pack Attack”, a campaign calling on manufacturers to adopt packaging that doesn’t require knives, scissors or super-human strength to access.

CHOICE welcomes summons of tech giants

11 Feb 2013 | CHOICE welcomes the move by the Federal Parliamentary Committee investigating digital prices to make international tech giants front up and explain the high prices paid by Australians.

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