Paid celebrity posts

25 Aug 2013 | CHOICE believes celebrities should inform consumers when they are being paid to promote a product or service on social media. “Tweeting and posting ‘selfies’ is big business and rightly or wrongly consumers put a lot of trust in what celebrities have to say,” says Tom Godfrey, Head of Media at CHOICE.

Dangers of pregnancy pill popping

16 Aug 2013 | CHOICE reports that while over one third of pregnant women are taking herbal medicines, [1] many may be unaware of the potentially harmful side effects. 10% are not taking the recommended doses of folic acid and iodine.

Shoe shadow shop

13 Aug 2013 | CHOICE conducted an online shoe shadow shop and found when it comes to speed of delivery, sizing information and free delivery; traditional bricks and mortar retailers David Jones and Myer were shown a clean pair of heels by local online shops and two UK outlets.

CHOICE says it is time to fast forward copyright past the VHS era

13 Aug 2013 | CHOICE today released new research* showing - one in seven (14%) consumers are - breaking the law by copying music or – videos they own onto devices like iPods and tablet computers for personal use, highlighting the absurdity of Australia’s outdated copyright regime.

Aussie gamers are under attack

30 Jul 2013 | Tuesday 30 July, 2013. A CHOICE review of PS4 and Xbox One games such as Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghosts, and Destiny found the games will cost 37% more in Australia than in the United States, reinforcing the digital discrimination faced by local gamers1.

CHOICE Welcomes IT Pricing Review Findings

29 Jul 2013 | 29 July 2013. CHOICE has welcomed today’s final report from the Federal Parliament’s inquiry into IT pricing, saying it delivers a clear blueprint to reduce the digital price discrimination faced by Australian consumers.

Queensland flies the coop

24 Jul 2013 | CHOICE says the Queensland Government’s backflip on free-range egg stocking density has scrambled its own standard, leaving consumers in a flap.

Consumers call for capped roaming charges

3 Jul 2013 | CHOICE welcomes new rules forcing telcos to warn consumers of excessive overseas roaming charges

Almost half of Australians do not know their credit card rate

28 Jun 2013 | CHOICE has released new survey results showing that 48% of Australians who reported using their credit card recently say they do not know or are unsure of the interest rate that would apply.1

Qantas charts a dodgy flightpath on surcharges

26 Jun 2013 | While any reduction in astronomical surcharges is welcome, CHOICE would like to see Qantas' credit card surcharges fall to reflect actual processing costs.

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