RBA blows whistle on big four bank excuses

22 Mar 2012 | CHOICE says comments today from the Reserve Bank of Australia blow the whistle on the industry’s excuses for recent interest rate rises.

Frozen fish convenience comes at a cost

22 Mar 2012 | CHOICE says shoppers who opt for frozen fish products can pay up to 35% more for the packaged variety versus a similar fresh product found in the supermarket deli. The people’s watchdog also says that some packaged fish products contain 50% or less fish.

CHOICE says FoFA changes fall short with consumers still in the dark

18 Mar 2012 | The FoFA amendments the federal government tabled on Friday 16th March significantly weaken the disclosure notice, meaning the only way consumers will know about costs for the year ahead will be through the ‘opt-in’ notice.

Thousands set to farewell the big four banks and save

15 Mar 2012 | Today CHOICE is marking the 50th anniversary of World Consumer Rights Day by delivering a giant farewell card on behalf of thousands of Australians to the big four banks.

D Day for financial advice reforms

14 Mar 2012 | CHOICE says the spirit of four key consumer rights US President Kennedy unveiled 50 years ago this Thursday should guide federal MPs due to vote that day on key reforms around financial planners and their industry.

CHOICE puts energy switching sites under the spotlight

8 Mar 2012 | CHOICE says some consumers could end up out of pocket by more than $300 because of inconsistent results from energy switching websites.

Diet clinics put the heavies on clients

7 Mar 2012 | In an investigation of well-known diet clinics, CHOICE has uncovered some aggressive sales tactics and bizarre advice being given to clients.

166 billion reasons to move your money

5 Mar 2012 | New analysis from CHOICE has found Australian consumers are giving the big four banks a free kick with an estimated $166.4 billion sitting in transaction accounts that earn little or no interest.

Small dings can lead to big costs

1 Mar 2012 | A CHOICE review of 44 car insurance policies has found that making small claims can end up costing you more money, as it often results in lost discounts and higher excess charges.

Media and campaigns man calls it a day

28 Feb 2012 | After five exciting years at CHOICE Christopher Zinn has announced he’s leaving to take up various roles and interests, many of which will allow him to continue to champion the consumer.

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