ANZ rate rise another reason to move your money

16 Apr 2012 | CHOICE says today’s announcement of a 6 basis point interest rate rise from ANZ shows the bank’s continued willingness to take its customers for granted.

Curvy consumers frustrated by rag trade's slim market

12 Apr 2012 | CHOICE says clothes designers and retailers are sabotaging their own profits by ignoring the increasing number of consumers who want plus-sized clothing.

Electricity prices heading in one direction and causing just as much hysteria

12 Apr 2012 | CHOICE says today’s draft determination on NSW electricity price rises continues the cycle of sharply rising costs driven largely by infrastructure spending

Choice calls on electricity switching site to substantiate carbon claims

4 Apr 2012 | CHOICE says businesses should take care to substantiate claims about the carbon price ahead of 1 July, especially when they are using them to drive consumers to their products.

Move to stamp out dodgy nutrition claims creates big fat loophole

4 Apr 2012 | CHOICE has welcomed a proposal to crack down on ‘fat free’ and ‘percentage fat free’ claims on unhealthy products but the people’s watchdog says the proposed rules must extend to all fat content claims on food labels to avoid creating a big fat loophole.

Disappearing brands mean less choice on shelves

2 Apr 2012 | CHOICE says consumers are not imagining things when they think that familiar brands are disappearing from the two big supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths.

Proof reforms to financial planners needed

28 Mar 2012 | CHOICE says the results of an ASIC shadow shop of financial advice for retirees sadly shows the old problems of poor and conflicted advice are still widespread.

CHOICE Awards shine spotlight on the best

28 Mar 2012 | CHOICE has announced the winners of its third annual CHOICE Awards, recognising the people, products, services and brands that improve the everyday lives of consumers.

GE Money 28 Degrees Mastercard wins CHOICE Award for best travel money card

28 Mar 2012 | In a comparison of pre-paid travel cards and debit / credit cards, CHOICE has awarded GE Money’s 28 Degrees Mastercard the 2012 CHOICE AWARD for the Best Travel Money Card.

CHOICE welcomes historic FoFA reforms

23 Mar 2012 | CHOICE welcomes the passing of the historic financial advice reform bill and congratulates Minister Shorten and the government for putting an end to secret payments that have distorted advice and eroded consumers’ hard earned savings.

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