Kids’ bank accounts no child’s play

16 May 2012 | CHOICE says that, with children’s savings accounts containing hidden fees and confusing conditions, parents should look beyond the interest rates offered and be prepared to switch if their child is not getting a good deal.

CHOICE welcomes appointment of Delia Rickard to deputy chair of ACCC

15 May 2012 | CHOICE welcomes the appointment of Delia Rickard to the position of Deputy Chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Budget packet mixes take the cake

10 May 2012 | A CHOICE review of packet cake mixes has found price is not always the best indicator of quality.

Deja vu as food industry again cries poor on health claims

3 May 2012 | CHOICE is calling on governments around Australia to ignore the increasingly desperate pleas of the food industry to keep food health and nutrition claims free of scrutiny.

Memo to the big four banks - pass it on

1 May 2012 | CHOICE says that Australia’s big four banks have the capacity to pass on today’s RBA interest rate in full.

Juice poppers pack a sugary punch

30 Apr 2012 | CHOICE says parents should think twice before packing juice poppers (also known as juice boxes) in their children’s lunchboxes, due to their high sugar content and large serving sizes.

CHOICE says copyright laws need to keep up with the times

27 Apr 2012 | CHOICE says today’s Full Federal Court decision in relation to the Optus TV Now service shows that copyright laws are not keeping up with the interests and rights of Australian consumers.

National airline customer advocate two steps forward, one step back

23 Apr 2012 | CHOICE says the National Airline Customer Advocate Scheme will begin improving Australian consumers’ rights in flight, but falls short of the finished product.

Hold on to hospital cover as means test nears

22 Apr 2012 | CHOICE has crunched the numbers on the impact of the means test for private health insurance rebates, finding that consumers affected by the upcoming means test who are thinking of dumping private health insurance will probably save money by holding on to their hospital cover.

Free range eggs not all they’re cracked up to be

17 Apr 2012 | CHOICE has called on the Egg Corporation to reconsider its planned 13-fold increase in hen stocking densities for eggs it certifies as free range and instead work with government, animal welfare and consumer groups on a national standard that would meet consumer expectations.

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