Backyard swap gets new lease of life online

23 Feb 2012 | A CHOICE review of online community sharing sites has found a rising number of swapping, sharing and renting schemes operating across local neighbourhoods throughout Australia.

New research spills the beans on big four bank funding excuses

21 Feb 2012 | CHOICE says that new analysis brings into question the ‘big four’ banks’ excuses for recent interest rate rises and puts the focus firmly back on their record profits.

Move your money campaign calls on consumers to switch and save

19 Feb 2012 | CHOICE investigation reveals banks not delivering on Home Loan Fact Sheets

Act with head as well as heart with love online

14 Feb 2012 | In an investigation of popular online dating sites, CHOICE has found that members’ private information and photographs can be used in advertising or online marketing.

ANZ show they live in a different world to their customers

10 Feb 2012 | CHOICE says today’s decision by ANZ to increase their standard variable home loan rate by 0.06 per cent should be seen by consumers for what it is – an invitation to shop around and look for a better deal.

What goes up won't come down unless banks more open about rate decisions

9 Feb 2012 | CHOICE says the big four banks should back up their decisions about home loan rates with evidence, including publishing reasons for any rate changes.

‘Opt-in’ and ‘opt-out' confuses travellers booking online

9 Feb 2012 | A CHOICE review of domestic airlines’ booking sites has found inconsistent and confusing ‘opt-in’ and ‘opt-out’ tick boxes mean cheap fares end up costing much more than expected.

Big banks set to flout calls for cut because of lack of competition and concern

6 Feb 2012 | CHOICE says if the big four banks fail to pass on any cuts to the cash rate in full, it will underline a lack of genuine concern for their home loan customers and raise doubts about competition in the sector.

She'll be apples!

1 Feb 2012 | A CHOICE taste test of 42 of the most popular and widely available apple and pear ciders on the market reveals a sparkling low alcohol French cider to be the pick of the bunch.

Consumers deserve transparency not spin from banks

30 Jan 2012 | CHOICE says that Australia’s banks need to be transparent about costs they pass through to consumers instead of relying on corporate spin about risks to the economy.

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