Convenience still tops the nappy pile

Rebirth of cloth nappy not enough to spoil disposables

A CHOICE survey of 1,217 families shows that despite the higher cost and some environmental concerns, parents are still prepared to pay for the convenience disposable nappies provide, with 95% using them either all or some of the time.

On average, parents will spend between $1900 and $3000 on disposable nappies in comparison to less than $1000 for cloth nappies.*

“The survey results tell us that about one if five families will use cloth nappies at least some of the time, but the majority of parents are definitely prepared to spend more on disposables because of the convenience they provide,” says CHOICE spokesperson Ingrid Just.

CHOICE also found a growing number in the types of cloth nappies on the market, with 248 different brands identified in the survey and some costing up to $55 per nappy.

“Cloth nappies have come a long way since the days of white terry toweling squares. Today they come with waterproofing, pockets for extra absorbency padding and snap-together layering that can be taken apart for washing. You can also get cloth nappies made out of bamboo, fleece and even hemp,” says Ms Just.

Before choosing cloth nappies, CHOICE recommends that customers:

1. Trial nappy packs that some companies provide, which contain styles that you can try on your baby before you settle on the one that works best.

2. Enquire about nappy libraries and services in your area. These are provided by nappy companies and community groups.

3. Consider borrowing or buying second hand nappies from family and friends.

Find out more about the different types of cloth nappies available and read CHOICE's nappy survey at    

Media contact:
• Ingrid Just, CHOICE’s Head of Media and Spokesperson: 0430 172 669

*The prices CHOICE found ranged from as low as 18 cents to 45 cents per disposable nappy. A median price of 28 cents was chosen for the survey results. The higher figure of $3000 was rounded to the nearest thousand. Cloth nappies ranged between $20 and $55, with $30 chosen as the survey median. CHOICE generally purchases 20-24 nappies to get started, and allows for washing every two days, with one spare set to use on washing days.

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Cloth nappies have come a long way since the terry squares of yesteryear but disposables still reign the shopping cart.

1 Dec 2012 | We surveyed hundreds of online parents to find out their experiences with different types of nappies.


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