Consumers have seat on new retail reform body

CHOICE says the Productivity Commission’s report into the retail industry correctly identifies how greater competition from online sites is good for consumers but challenging for domestic businesses.

The people’s watchdog says the report confirms that issues around the $1000 GST-free threshold for imported goods are only a minor part of any competitive disadvantage faced by domestic businesses.

CHOICE believes that while it’s fair to seek improvements in the cost of processing any tax or duty from international parcels, consumers should not be faced with additional delays or hurdles when choosing to shop online from overseas.

“The issue of the low value threshold will undoubtedly remain a lively one. CHOICE is keen to ensure that the retail sector in Australia - both on and off line – is dynamic, competitive and meets consumers’ demands,” says Christopher Zinn, CHOICE director of campaigns and communications.

CHOICE has accepted an appointment to sit on the newly-formed Retail Council of Australia to ensure consumers have a seat at the table when it comes to discussing reforms.

“We congratulate the Productivity Commission on their thorough and thoughtful analysis of a series of complex and critically important issues facing all retailers in Australia. Their research will provide valuable data for further reforms,” says Mr Zinn.

Media contact:  Christopher Zinn - CHOICE Director of Campaigns and Communications - 0425 296 442

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