CHOICE joins call for energy efficiency help for households


People’s watchdog CHOICE has joined a coalition of welfare, community, research and business groups calling for a national energy efficiency program to reduce household energy bills.

The proposals call on the Federal Government to commit to implement a National Energy Savings Initiative, with detailed design to ensure it results in actual reductions in energy prices.

They also call on the Federal Government to deliver energy efficiency improvements to assist low-income households in the transition to a carbon price.

"Just last week in NSW, we saw confirmation of the latest in a series of energy price rises, largely driven by the massive cost of expanding Australia’s energy networks," said CHOICE Head of Campaigns Matt Levey.

"Yet there is clear evidence that action to cut energy demand, including through energy efficiency, can avoid network expansion and reduce costs for households."

"The proposed National Energy Savings Initiative can help address the core drivers behind electricity price rises, while targeted support can assist those households at risk of fuel poverty," Mr Levey said.

CHOICE is supporting the Energy Efficiency and Affordability proposals as part of our campaign for a consumer-friendly energy sector.

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