CHOICE joins call for energy efficiency help for households

20 Jun 2011 | CHOICE has joined calls for a national energy efficiency program to reduce household energy bills.

No benefit from anti-competitive exit fees

17 Jun 2011 | CHOICE says a move in the Senate to overturn the ban on mortgage exit fees is misguided and if successful, will end up hurting consumers.

Consumer groups urge cross benchers to support a ban on mortgage early exit fees

15 Jun 2011 | A coalition of consumer groups is urging Parliament’s cross-benchers to support the Government’s proposed ban on mortgage early exit fees.

Thousands join the call for safer Australian pesticides

15 Jun 2011 | CHOICE is adding its voice to health, environment, scientific, food and industry organisations and individuals across Australia, demanding an overhaul of the nation's outdated pesticide laws.

High price to pay for energy demand

14 Jun 2011 | Consumers are funding the expansion of energy networks while opportunities to cut demand and slash bills are being passed up, says consumer watch CHOICE.

Exit fees reversal threat to better banking

14 Jun 2011 | Calls to block the ban on mortgage exit fees could wipe out a key step towards a better banking sector, says consumer watchdog CHOICE.

CHOICE bites into whopper

8 Jun 2011 | CHOICE has named Hungry Jack’s ‘Ultimate Double Whopper the unhealthiest single menu option in a major Australian fast food outlet.

New campaign aims to slash fuel and power bills

6 Jun 2011 | DO SOMETHING! and CHOICE challenge Aussies to cut energy usage by 10% Australian households could save over $2billion a year* simply by reducing their fuel and energy usage by 10%.

Looking the gift card horse in the mouth

3 Jun 2011 | CHOICE supports moves in today’s consumer ministerial council to clamp down on abuses over the expiry and conditions of use in the $1.5 billion gift card industry.

Whiter teeth craze thrives with no rules

31 May 2011 | CHOICE says people using kiosk, salon or home teeth whitening treatments could be risking damage to their teeth. This is due to widely varying concentrations of chemicals used in the process and the absence of industry regulation.

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