Choice reveals the skinny on low fat desserts

6 Oct 2011 | CHOICE says ready-to-eat desserts with low fat claims aren’t always a healthy choice.

Pet insurance no walk in the park

28 Sep 2011 | CHOICE says pet insurance can be a worthwhile investment for some pet owners, especially those who spend up big on their pets or who have accident prone animals.

Industry food claims add to confusion

21 Sep 2011 | CHOICE is calling on food manufacturers to help fix up dodgy food labels following the launch of the CHOICE Better Food Labelling Campaign.

Choice launches better food labelling campaign

20 Sep 2011 | CHOICE today launches its Campaign for Better Food Labelling by calling on Australians to ‘Shame the Claim’ – a nation-wide search to find food labels which carry dodgy nutrition claims that make choosing healthy products difficult.

You can't make a standard without breaking some eggs

15 Sep 2011 | CHOICE says consumers deserve a fair, open and honest definition of free range products, be they eggs or beef, through proper consultation with all stakeholders.

Convenience still tops the nappy pile

15 Sep 2011 | A CHOICE survey of 1,217 families shows that despite the higher cost and some environmental concerns, parents are still prepared to pay for the convenience disposable nappies provide, with 95% using them either all or some of the time.

Time for more light and less heat on energy bills

13 Sep 2011 | The peak national community services body, ACOSS has joined with people’s watchdog CHOICE, to call for reforms to the energy sector to break the trend of sharply rising costs.

CHOICE urges steady approach on financial claims scheme

12 Sep 2011 | CHOICE has called for a careful approach to the implementation of changes to the Financial Claims Scheme (FCS) announced by the Federal Government today (Sept 11).

Beefing up of food labels a good move

9 Sep 2011 | CHOICE says unpackaged meat products sold in Australia should be subject to the same country of origin labelling requirements as other food products.

Give consumers power in the way they pay

5 Sep 2011 | CHOICE says a review by the Reserve Bank of Australia into changes to the way people are paying for goods and services is an opportunity to put the consumer first.

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