Better bills can plug information gap about why costs rise

11 Nov 2011 | CHOICE says the NSW Government’s move to provide consumers with more information about higher energy bills should be adopted nationwide.

Glass half full as milk inquiry signals more reviews

4 Nov 2011 | CHOICE says the release of the final Senate Committee report into cheap milk underscores the growing dominance of Australia’s big two supermarkets.

Choice big bank switch - big savings and more competition

2 Nov 2011 | CHOICE and One Big Switch today welcomed the success of the CHOICE Big Bank Switch, and announced that the campaign to encourage consumer mobility on home loans has concluded.

Time for banks to hand back windfall from out-of-cycle increases

31 Oct 2011 | CHOICE says whatever the RBA decides on interest rates on Tuesday, it’s now time for the big four banks to start returning to households the extra interest they've paid because of out-of-cycle hikes on mortgage rates.

Qantas apology rings hollow without proper compensation and amends

31 Oct 2011 | CHOICE says the behaviour of QANTAS in holding passengers to ransom around the world, without any notice of disruption, highlights the need for stronger consumer protection in the skies.

United call for traffic lights defies industry objections

28 Oct 2011 | A front of pack food labelling scheme is in the best interests of Australians.

The 2011 Shonky Awards

25 Oct 2011 | A high cost of a Smurfs ‘free’ app game, the poor treatment flood victims received from insurers and a hatchback with roof racks ‘for cosmetic purposes only’ are among the winners of CHOICE's 2011 Shonky Awards for bad goods and services.

Permanent hair removal pain

20 Oct 2011 | CHOICE says that lack of training and licensing requirements for permanent hair removal treatments is leading to clients being burnt and scarred.

MPs must opt-in for key financial advice reforms

13 Oct 2011 | CHOICE, after a twenty year campaign for much improved financial planning, is today urging federal MPs to support a vital reform around the Future of Financial Advice bill (FoFA).

Frequent flyer programs fail travellers

12 Oct 2011 | Most economy travellers are better off looking for cheaper fares than using frequent flyer programs to earn flights or products.

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