Know your rights with refunds

26 Dec 2011 | With one in every two Australians unaware of their rights when making a purchase¹ and with the inevitable return of thousands of gifts after Christmas, CHOICE says people should know where they stand when it comes to refunds and exchanges.

Flexible payment options trip up unwary shoppers

22 Dec 2011 | A CHOICE investigation has revealed that flexible payment options in shops, particularly interest-free deals, can include fees that almost double the cost of the original item – something customers may not be told at the point of sale due to a regulatory loophole.

'Stuff the turkey not the fridge' says CHOICE

19 Dec 2011 | CHOICE tests of hundreds of fridges over the past 20 years show that the amount of food and where you put it in a fridge has a big impact on its running costs and the freshness and safety of the food stored within it.

Writing on the wall for sky-high card surcharges

16 Dec 2011 | CHOICE has welcomed today’s announcement from the RBA that credit and debit card surcharges will be limited to reflect transaction costs.

Credit card travel insurance gets thumbs up

14 Dec 2011 | In its latest review of credit card travel insurance, CHOICE says that despite perceptions to the contrary, travel insurance that comes automatically with some credit cards is just as good as stand-alone policies.

Searching for the worst banks just got better

12 Dec 2011 | CHOICE says the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has made welcome improvements to its complaints data, making it easier to identify the worst performers.

Size isn't everything when it comes to BBQ's

12 Dec 2011 | A new CHOICE report shows smaller barbecues not only give excellent cooking results but, depending on the brand, may save consumers hundreds of dollars as well.

Food and health ministers put better food labelling on the menu

9 Dec 2011 | CHOICE says the response of Australian governments to the food labelling review is mostly good news for consumers.

Australian consumers deserve better food labelling this Friday

9 Dec 2011 | CHOICE says Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Catherine King, should listen to the voices of Australian consumers and support better food labelling when Australia’s food and health ministers meet this Friday in Melbourne.

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