What annoys Australians?

CHOICE report reveals the top gripes in Australia

CHOICE has surveyed more than 1,000 of its members to find out what really gets underneath their skin.

The most prevalent annoyances are all consumer or product related. The top three ultimate irritations include – hidden fees, having problems returning a faulty product under warranty, and being put on hold or not being able to speak with someone on the phone.

Largely, the most prevalent gripes suggested that Aussies loathe being ignored or disregarded by customer service or sales staff. In fact, the older people are, the more annoyed they are with being put on hold and getting no response to their complaints.

Interestingly, those who live in rural and regional areas are annoyed by the same things that bug city-dwellers. Residents in NSW, QLD, WA, ACT and TAS get most annoyed about hidden fees, while people in VIC, SA and NT get most infuriated about long queues at checkouts.

While the majority of males get most annoyed about hidden costs and fees, women are most infuriated about no refund policies or lack of replacement for faulty products despite having a warranty. One of the biggest grievances shared by both men and women was being left on hold. However, on the whole, women generally get more irritated than men by most annoyances (outlined below).

“It’s the simple things that companies often get so wrong. Australians appreciate honesty and good service and our CHOICE report suggests that this is simply not happening. Australians feel cheated and deceived when companies are not up front about all of the costs involved in the service or product consumers are purchasing” comments CHOICE spokesperson, Brad Schmitt.

The top 32 things that annoy Australians include:

  1. Hidden fees and costs
  2. No refund/replacement for faulty products, despite being under warranty
  3. Being on hold/not getting someone on the phone
  4. Tailgating
  5. No response to written or verbal complaints
  6. People talking loudly on mobiles in an inappropriate area
  7. Door-to-door salespeople/telemarketers
  8. People coughing in an enclosed area without covering their mouth
  9. Confusing broadband/phone price plans
  10. Nonchalant customer service
  11. Erroneous bills
  12. Cigarette butts littering public areas
  13. Unreliable internet
  14. Poor advice from financial planners
  15. Spam email
  16. Late repair people
  17. Noisy neighbours
  18. Long queues/checkout lines
  19. Companies only letting you pay by automatic deduction
  20. Poor service from airlines
  21. Shrunken products
  22. Traffic jams
  23. Very slow drivers
  24. Purchase thwarted by “sorry, out of stock”
  25. Not getting a parking space
  26. Supermarket grocery prices
  27. Forgetting passwords/PINs
  28. Parking fines
  29. Crying babies on planes
  30. Programming new electronic products
  31. Loyalty cards
  32. Inaccurate weather forecasts

To access the full CHOICE report visit www.choice.com.au/annoying

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