Consumer minister gets lost in the reshuffle

CHOICE seeks commitment as to who will drive reform agenda

CHOICE is asking the new Gillard Government to clarify its commitment to consumer reform after dropping its Minister for Consumer Affairs after just one term.

In recent election material the government rightly trumpeted its consumer policy reforms and appointment of a dedicated minister back in 2007.

But the weekend's reshuffle revealed that after just three years the role appears to have been abolished.

“Labor had spelt out significant issues it wants to champion over this term such as completing consumer protection and credit reforms, strengthening the Trade Practices Act and raising the awareness of consumer rights,” says CHOICE spokesman Christopher Zinn.

“We're concerned the loss of a minister specifically tasked with driving these issues may mean this agenda gets bogged down.”

CHOICE wants the government to give a commitment there’s been no downgrading of its valuable and ambitious consumer reform program.

“It’s of course better that every minister going right to the top is focused on putting the consumer first, be it in health, education or whatever,” said Zinn.

“But if the Consumer Minister is to be no more we want signs of leadership from the government that these issues still count.”

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