Charity giving, festive nibbling and best buys

Fill the stocking with savvy buys this festive season


A CHOICE investigation has found that several charity Christmas cards donate as little as 10% of the card's wholesale price to the company's aligned cause.

With one in three of our survey respondents expecting that 51%-70% of the purchase price would go towards the listed cause, many consumers are underestimating how much of their dollar is donated when purchasing charity-branded products.

"Purchasers need to be aware they are not making a direct donation when they are buying charity Christmas cards, but rather consider these cards as a way to spread goodwill and awareness about a cause." says CHOICE spokesperson Ingrid Just.

CHOICE recommends the small retail outfit based in Adelaide, Charity Connections, as a charity card giving option, as the retailer donates 79% of every dollar spent in the store to the 45 charities it supports.

Alternatively, purchasing through a charity directly, such as via their website, will also ensure the maximum amount is donated.

70% of respondents to a CHOICE online survey say they would choose a lower quality or higher priced Christmas card if it meant supporting a charity.

To find out which charity Christmas cards give the most to the cause go to


What packets of mixed nuts are best when it comes to nutrition and value for money?

CHOICE looked at packets of unsalted mixed nuts on supermarket shelves and health food stores and found a huge variation in price and nut composition.

"The greater the number of peanuts in the packet, the cheaper the price and the less you are taking advantage of the nutritional benefits of other nuts. To get the best nutrition, eat a wide variety," says CHOICE spokesperson, Ingrid Just.

"The other take home tip is to shop for nuts in the fruit and nut section of the supermarket and not in the health food stores or health food aisles otherwise you are likely to be paying big dollars for less choice."

A review of evidence conducted by industry nutrition organisation 'Nuts For Life' suggests eating 30-50gm serve of nuts five times a week is enough to reduce your risk of heart disease by as much as 50%, decrease total cholesterol by 10% and reduce the risk of diabetes by 27%.

To find out more about what to look for when buying nuts go to


CHOICE brings you the round up of the year's recommended buys across a range of products to give consumers the essential Christmas buying guide.

  • Tech gadgets
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Food and wine
  • Gifts for outdoors
  • His and hers

To find out more about the CHOICE best buys for Christmas go to

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