Bag a bargain online with new coupon sites

But beware of hype about discounts and availability

A CHOICE report shows that some of the best online bargains can be found through the latest trend of 'coupon' websites.

Coupon websites offer one-day-only discounts for a variety of products and experiences. Operators of these websites use the size of their subscriber database to negotiate discounts with retailers and service providers. They rely heavily on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter to drive sales.

CHOICE reviewed a number of coupon websites and found savings of up to 84% for beauty services, 67% on tickets to live shows and 66% reduction in the cost of holiday and accommodation packages.

There are some drawbacks, including the fact that many of the offers are only available through outlets in Sydney and Melbourne.

“You need to watch out for expiry dates and non-refundable purchases and be mindful that the discount might be an exaggeration," says CHOICE spokesperson Ingrid Just.

"It's also wise to check the fine print relating to compulsory advance-booking requirements and to book early for services when redeeming your coupon. Some CHOICE members have told us that certain outlets give full-paying customers priority over coupon holders."

CHOICE recommends the following coupon websites:


To read more about coupon websites go to


• Ingrid Just, CHOICE, Spokesperson: 0430 172 669
• Christopher Zinn, CHOICE Director Campaigns and Communications: 0425 296 442

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