Loyalty schemes less rewarding than you would hope

1 Feb 2010 | Supermarket points a bait to rake in your personal data.

Show us your prices or drop the hot air

29 Jan 2010 | Supermarkets' claims unverifiable until published online.

Credit card small print on interest rate costs

25 Jan 2010 | Call for card providers to use the same charging methods.

Plastic food wrapping & bottles warning

11 Jan 2010 | CHOICE calls for regulators to get tougher and phase out risky plastics.

All that glitters not always rolled gold

| Shops offering to buy back gold jewellery might not always offer the best price.

How to avoid a lemon

| Appliance reliability survey shows which brands are built to last

Put money into the mattress not under it

| Shoppers should look beyond the discount prices when buying a mattress

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