Card programs not so rewarding

11 Oct 2010 | CHOICE survey finds that travel credit cards offer small rewards.

NAB leads credit card reforms

11 Oct 2010 | CHOICE is calling on other banks to follow NAB's lead and change the way payments and balance transfers are calculated on credit cards.

Click and compare prices

28 Sep 2010 | CHOICE is teaming up with Getprice, allowing members and visitors to the CHOICE website to compare prices and purchase products online.

Consumers kept in the shade on sun protection

28 Sep 2010 | CHOICE wants sunscreens containing nanoparticles to be labelled.

Claims of magic wristband way off balance

28 Sep 2010 | Claims made by Power Balance holograms don't bear any weight.

Consumer minister gets lost in the reshuffle

28 Sep 2010 | The Gillard government has dropped the consumer affairs portfolio after just one term.

Getting a better banking deal

27 Sep 2010 | Asking for a better deal on your home loan or transaction account can pay off.

LG comes unstuck on energy labelling

27 Sep 2010 | CHOICE welcomes action over misleading energy labelling claims.

CHOICE joins GetUp in bank campaign

22 Sep 2010 | CHOICE has joined forces with GetUp and the Australian Institute, calling on banks to settle their class action and reduce unfair bank penalty fees.

Bag a bargain online with new coupon sites

15 Sep 2010 | A CHOICE report shows that some of the best bargains can be found online through the latest trend of 'coupon' websites, but there are some drawbacks.

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