Can credit card surcharges save consumers money?

15 Nov 2010 | A CHOICE investigation found that consumers don't think businesses should charge extra for paying with plastic.

Time for action as banks show their thick skins

12 Nov 2010 | CHOICE is calling for reform in the banking sector as the big banks' increase their interest rates.

Anger at ANZ mortgage rate rise

10 Nov 2010 | The ANZ mortgage rate rise is another kick in the teeth for consumers.

Worldwide consumer organisations sign open letter to G20

10 Nov 2010 | CHOICE, along with other members of Consumers International, has signed an open letter calling for financial protection for consumers worldwide.

CHOICE Magazine announces new editor

9 Nov 2010 | We're delighted to announce our new magazine editor.

CHOICE launches better banking campaign

4 Nov 2010 | CHOICE is launching a new campaign to help consumers get a better deal from their bank.

RBA cash rate increase

2 Nov 2010 | CHOICE says banks should not increase mortgage rates in response to the RBA cash rate increase.

People's Watchdog CHOICE unveils the 2010 Shonky Awards

26 Oct 2010 | CHOICE's annual awards that name and shame the shonkiest rip-offs and scams.

Australia's serious salt addiction

18 Oct 2010 | A CHOICE investigation finds Australians consume 10 times the recommended intake of salt.

What annoys Australians?

11 Oct 2010 | CHOICE surveyed 1,000 of its members to find out what really gets underneath their skin.

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