Balancing the bill with some justice

17 Aug 2009 | CHOICE wants consumers to be more aware of their rights to help avoid being overcharged by lawyers.

Elderly most at risk of mixing their medicines

6 Aug 2009 | Average number of drug doses doubles in 20 years.

Westpac, St George penalty fee cuts not enough

3 Aug 2009 | CHOICE says banks need to justify $9 fee to their customers.

People power: NAB ditches penalty fees

29 Jul 2009 | CHOICE and Consumer Action celebrate consumer victory.

Not enough transparency on invisible trans fats

3 Jul 2009 | Australia should label dangerous trans fats as the USA does.

GroceryChoice was ready timely and accurate - no reason to kill it says CHOICE

26 Jun 2009 | CHOICE was informed about the decision to pull the plug on GroceryCHOICE after the industry and the media were fully briefed.

No-frills credit card rates have gone up more than standard cards

22 Jun 2009 | Credit union card rates can be cheaper than the banks.

Why women's clothing sizes are all over the shop

28 May 2009 | National sizing survey needed to reflect changing shape of Australian women.

Households stung for $1 billion in fees

21 May 2009 | CHOICE says banks’ punitive practices must end.

Surge protectors how to avoid shocking damage

14 May 2009 | CHOICE says many Australians who have electrical equipment worth thousands of dollars plugged into the mains may need to protect them from power surges.

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