Here comes the bride: and up goes the price

11 Dec 2009 | Mention the word “wedding” and events can cost you more.

'Bad Company Awards' target Greenwashers

7 Dec 2009 | Consumers International expose global brands’ dodgy claims

Know your rights - because many retailers don't

3 Dec 2009 | Push for action on fairer refunds, replacements and repairs

CHOICE welcomes Ripoll inquiry recommendations

24 Nov 2009 | Financial duty of care can put paid to commissions

Now the main game - more grocery competition

19 Nov 2009 | CHOICE outlines plans to bring about supermarket reform

Supermarkets need to come clean on prices

18 Nov 2009 | National action needed to break competition deadlock

Telstra shows leadership by axing $2.20 fee

4 Nov 2009 | CHOICE calls on other telcos to follow suit

Qantas wins shonky for credit card surcharges

28 Oct 2009 | Consumer awards highlight dodgy & dubious goods and services.

NAB breaks from the pack

15 Oct 2009 | “Big Three” need to review penalty fees to keep their customers.

Cosmetic mineral foundations on shaky ground

9 Oct 2009 | 'New-look' foundations not as natural as they claim.

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