Woolworths enters the mobile phone market

With involvement already in groceries, fuel and frequent flyer schemes, Woolworths is now turning its attention to mobile phones.

4 Aug 2009 | Woolworths has entered the mobile phone market, offering a new pre-paid service in conjunction with Optus.

Big banks' fee reduction could be better

The Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and St George have announced they will reduce their penalty fees on some accounts – but CHOICE doesn’t think this goes far enough.

3 Aug 2009 | While CHOICE welcomes the announcement that from October penalty fees for some Commonwealth, Westpac and St George customers will be reduced, the justification for charging added costs remains a concern for the consumer group.

Kilojoules on the menu

Some fast food chains in the UK and US are giving consumers information to make healthier choices – but Australia is missing out.

31 Jul 2009 | Among other measures to combat obesity, the federal government’s new Preventative Health Taskforce is considering whether restaurants and fast food chains should display the number of calories/kilojoules alongside each item on the menu.

Children's snack bars unhealthy

Some snacks claiming to be healthy alternatives for children’s lunch boxes can be as bad for kids as confectionery.

31 Jul 2009 | Children’s snack bars can be as fattening as some chocolate bars, according to new research by Australian parents and a leading nutritionist, who are calling for better food labelling on the snacks.

NAB drops unfair fees

The National Australia Bank (NAB) is scrapping penalty fees for customers who overdraw or incur dishonours on their transaction accounts.

29 Jul 2009 | CHOICE and the Consumer Action Law Centre (CALC) congratulate the National Australia Bank (NAB) for showing leadership by scrapping penalty fees for customers who overdraw or incur dishonours on their transaction accounts.

Woolworths shifts grocery prices blame

Defying the global downturn with sales growth, the supermarket and retail giant is attempting to shift blame for the ever-increasing price of groceries.

24 Jul 2009 | The peak body for the food and grocery manufacturing sector has slammed Woolworths for suggesting the industry was to blame for the rising food prices in Australia .

Costco opens in Australia

The US discount warehouse chain opened its first Australian shop today in Melbourne.

17 Jul 2009 | Thousands of shoppers were up early to throng the store, about three times the size of a large supermarket, to check out the hype of low prices and unusual product offerings such as grandfather clocks, diamond rings and king crab legs from Russia.

EFTPOS loses ground

MasterCard and Visa debit cards are gaining in popularity, but at what price?

9 Jul 2009 | The international card companies MasterCard and Visa are rapidly encroaching on EFTPOS’ territory, the Australian debit card system, with their own debit cards. But while scheme debit card transactions are generally free for consumers, other costs lie beneath the surface.

GM free alcohol guide

Genetically modified ingredients are slipping under the radar and into some foods – possibly your favourite glass of red.

8 Jul 2009 | A pocket-sized guide listing alcoholic drinks free of genetically modified ingredients was launched by Greenpeace yesterday, with the support of farmers, chefs and well-known food industry figures.

Camera photographs skin damage

An advanced camera is the key to ongoing research that aims to help Australians protect themselves from skin cancer.

6 Jul 2009 | A long-term Queensland study examining the link between sun exposure and skin cancer is using a cutting-edge camera to reveal disturbing skin damage not normally visible to the naked eye.

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