Front-of-pack food labelling talks begin

Governments and stakeholders turn attention to front-of-pack labelling design.

3 Apr 2012 | CHOICE has met with key industry groups, and government officials to discuss the development of a single front-of-pack food labelling system.


Apple may mislead with 4G claims

The ACCC seeks orders against Apple for claiming the new iPad has 4G capabilities.

28 Mar 2012 | The ACCC says Apple's promotion is misleading because Australia’s 4G network runs on a different frequency to the one the iPad is capable of using.


Confusion with Calories and kilojoules

NSW fast food energy education campaign addresses poor understanding of kilojoules.

21 Mar 2012 | The NSW Government has launched a campaign to help consumers make the most of mandatory kilojoule labelling on fast food menu boards.


Thousands farewell big four banks

On World Consumer Rights Day, we're calling on all Australians to join the global Move Your Money campaign.

15 Mar 2012 | We're marking World Consumer Rights Day by delivering a giant farewell card to the big four banks on behalf of thousands of Australians.


First chickens, now eggs

ACCC takes action against South Australian ‘free range’ egg supplier

12 Mar 2012 | The ACCC is taking action against South Australian ‘free range’ egg supplier.


CHOICE attends Consumers International regional conference

KL conference shows consumers flexing muscle in developing nations.

9 Mar 2012 | Consumer groups from the Asia Pacific region as well as the Middle East have met in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to discuss the consumer movement.


CHOICE lodges super complaint

Our first super complaint under the pilot project with NSW Fair Trading has been lodged on electricity switching sites.

8 Mar 2012 | CHOICE has lodged its first super complaint, part of a pilot project with NSW Fair Trading on electricity switching sites.


Banks mine free transaction account gold

Australians are giving the Big Four a free kick.

2 Mar 2012 | Australian consumers are giving the big four banks a free kick, with an estimated $166.4 billion sitting in transaction accounts that earn little or no interest.

Flood insurance 2

New brief for disaster relief

Government recommends a fresh take on insurance claims handling.

1 Mar 2012 | In the wake of the government's inquiry, CHOICE questions whether the industry’s moves so far have meant better protection for consumers.


Supermarkets set for scrutiny

The ACCC will be focusing on supermarket practices this year, according to Chairman Rod Sims.

21 Feb 2012 | ACCC Chairman Rod Sims has announced supermarkets will be a priority for the Commission in 2012.

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