Time to take the heat out of energy bills

8 Sep 2011 | With Australians being hit with higher energy bills, CHOICE is calling on the Federal Government to create a national energy savings initiative, designed to ensure it results in real savings for households.

Give consumers power in the way they pay

5 Sep 2011 | CHOICE says a review by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) into changes in the way people can pay for goods and services is an opportunity to put the consumer first.

Reforms to payday lending

The Government has announced significant changes to payday lending regulations

30 Aug 2011 | Last week the government announced significant changes to the regulation of High Cost Short Term Lending, better known as Payday Lending.

RBA adjusts penalty fees

RBA made an eye-opening adjustment to its assessment of banking fees in its most recent bulletin

25 Aug 2011 | After reporting in June 2010 that deposit account penalty fees had dropped from $516 million in 2008 to $476 million in 2009, the reserve bank issued a correction. Fees actually dropped from $701 million to $688 million over that period.

Former CHOICE CEO leads preventative health body

24 Aug 2011 | CHOICE has welcomed the appointment of consumer champion Louise Sylvan to be the permanent CEO of the Australian National Preventative Health Agency (ANPHA)

Intelligent design for your mortgage data

A creative proposal to make mortgage statements more consumer-friendly

23 Aug 2011 | Do bank statements make your eyes glaze over? Two creative types from Brisbane are tackling the complexity of the banking sector with an interesting proposal to “fix” mortgage statements.

Borders and Angus & Robertson declare dividends for gift card holders

Creditors announce the only dividend for gift card holders of the now defunct booksellers

12 Aug 2011 | Borders and Angus & Robertson Gift card holders must complete a gift card claim form by September 1 to receive their dividend.

Swimming goggles and glaucoma

Wearing some kinds of goggles may increase intraocular pressure

11 Aug 2011 | Researchers have found that some goggles can cause increased fluid pressure in the eye, which may increase the risk of glaucoma.

Another step towards restaurant hygiene ratings

CHOICE welcomes NSW food hygiene rating trial as important step for consumers

10 Aug 2011 | CHOICE welcomes the New South Wales Food Authority’s announcement of a year-long, voluntary ‘Scores on Doors’ restaurant hygiene rating trial.

Solar schemes reach their limits

Solar kickbacks around the country are being wound down, with several states surpassing or nearing their limits.

2 Aug 2011 | Applicants for solar schemes around the country may have difficulty obtaining solar feed in tariffs, with several states reaching capacity.

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