Door knocking

Petition takes aim at door-to-door sales

Consumers are taking action against invasive door-knocking sales tactics.

25 Jun 2012 | We're supporting a petition by the Consumer Action Law Centre asking energy companies to cease their door-knocking practices.


Egg labelling website falls short

New South Wales Government launches website to inform consumers about egg labelling.

22 Jun 2012 | We believe the NSW Government egg labelling website gives consumers little help due to the controversial interpretation of the existing definition of 'free-range eggs'.


Apple fined for misleading consumers

Apple has copped a $2.25 million fine for misleading consumers about its iPad's 4G capabilities.

22 Jun 2012 | The Federal Court has found that the technology giant contravened the Australian Consumer Law by misleading consumers.


Households paying less in bank fees

New data from the RBA shows households are saving on bank fees.

21 Jun 2012 | Consumer power succeeds as RBA data shows households paying 7% less in bank fees.


FoFA passes the Senate

Passage of the Future of Financial Advice reforms in the Senate signals a sea change in the advice industry.

20 Jun 2012 | Consumers can celebrate a partial but important victory with the passage of Future of Financial Advice reforms in the Senate.


Electricity prices increase Australia-wide

Electricity prices have become turbo-charged, but savvy consumers can beat the price rises.

18 Jun 2012 | Several factors are driving up electricity prices across Australia but you can beat them with these handy tips.


RBA delivers surcharge win for consumers

We welcome reform to end era of excessive surcharging.

13 Jun 2012 | The RBA's decision means that credit card payment surcharges can't be used as an avenue for revenue raising.


Compare, ditch, switch & save

Cut through the interest rate confusion with our Compare, Ditch & Switch comparison tool.

12 Jun 2012 | Cut through the interest rate confusion with our Compare, Ditch & Switch comparison tool.


Investor compensation reforms make progress

CHOICE makes follow-up submission on the National Guarantee Fund.

28 May 2012 | We're calling for greater consumer representation on the board of the National Guarantee Fund in a recent submission to financial regulators.


ATM announcement falls short

The federal government responds to recommendations on ATM fees.

25 May 2012 | The announcement is a missed opportunity because the government has ignored many of the pressing issues affecting Australians using ATMs.

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