Aldi's broken promises

Aldi was Australia’s first supermarket to introduce uniform national pricing, but the supermarket hasn’t been playing fair.

4 Apr 2011 | While Aldi promises that prices at all their stores are the same, special buys are excluded from their price promise policy.

Milk price war extends to beer

Foster's withholds supply of beer to Coles and Woolworths liquor retailers.

24 Mar 2011 | The Senate inquiry into milk prices will unofficially extend to beer when Coles and Woolworths are questioned next week.

Retailer to close 12 more stores

Borders and Angus & Roberston customers must also use gift cards before 3 April.

24 Mar 2011 | Borders and Angus & Roberston will stop accepting gift cards from the beginning of April.

Mortgage exit fees ban becomes law

New law is a victory for consumers and for CHOICE

24 Mar 2011 |

Pet food or junk food?

CHOICE finds that most commercial small animal pellets and mixes are unsuitable for rabbits and guinea pigs.

15 Mar 2011 | More Australians are choosing small pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs, but most commercially available feeds are the equivalent of fast food for these animals.

Fast food energy counts

South Australian Government forces fast food retailers to display energy counts on menu boards.

14 Mar 2011 | New regulations requires food chains with 20 or more outlets in SA to display the kilojoule content alongside product price.

Carbon commitment short on detail

The government will implement a carbon price from 2012.

25 Feb 2011 | Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced a plan to implement a carbon price in Australia from 1 July 2012.

Okano TV recall

The Okano 42-inch HD LCD TV (model LTV4200F) sold nationally across JB Hi-Fi and Clive Anthonys has been recalled due to a faulty stand.

25 Feb 2011 |

Consumers pay double to redeem Borders gift vouchers

Booksellers have told staff to instruct tell customers to spend double the value of the vouchers.

18 Feb 2011 | Customers with Borders and Angus & Robertson booksellers gift cards must spend double to redeem the cards.

Evaporative air conditioners pose fire danger

Air conditioners identified as cause of damage to several houses in recent Perth bushfires.

11 Feb 2011 | Houses in Perth burn because of evaporative air conditioners.

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